Allowing My Well Endowed Friend To Pleasure My Lon

hiya i am Kevin , i am 18
My Friend is called Kyle he is 18
My Mum Is Called Suzanne , she is 48 - she is about 5 ft 7 ,slimmish, very short blonde hair, blue eyes , very tanned , she has drooping 38 c tits.

A few months back , My mum won a holiday for 3 people at work , It was a 5 star All inclusive hotel in Turkey.
We Had 1 spare ticket and i asked my mum if i could bring a friend and she agreed.

Before we Knew it we was in turkey by the hotel pool in the boiling sun relaxing with a nice beer , My Mum would just sunbathe by the pool all day reading her books and go to bed fairly early. she was just there to relax.

While me and kyle on the other hand would drink by the by the pool all day admiring all the hot women and go out at night.
The second day of the holiday me and kyle was in the pool fooling about and he was looking over at my mum and he said kev i would fuck your mum all over and laughed , i splashed him and called him a dick head and laughed then i said i wouldnt be arsed anyway its up to her who she shags ,
i bet she needs one anyway , i dont think shes had sex in about a year .
kyle laughed and said are you being serious , i said yh fucking hell kyle im not arsed mate honestly if she wants to then go for it.
i said right enough about my mum lets go and get sum beers.

Later that night we had our meal and had a few drinks at the outdoor bar with my mum , once it got abit late my mum went upto her room and me and Kyle carried on drinking talking shit to each other.
After about an hour kyle said , was you really being serious about your mum before.
i said yh , why do you really want to do it ?
he said yh really mate but i feel wierd about you .

i said if you really want to do it , go and do it now im not arsed , she might enjoy it with your fucking cock haha

soon after we went up to our room which was right next door to my mums , we went onto the balcony and leaned over next door and my mum was lay on the bed in her skimpy pajama top and shorts reading a book .she had no bra on and the tight pajama top showed her nipples clearly.

he took his t shirt off , showing his 6 pack and muscley arms .
kyle said what can i say to her .
i said just knock on and say have you got sum after sun cream , your shoulders are little burnt .

he looked at me and said are you sure or are you just having me on.
i said fucking hell kyle im sweet with it , my mums not had a man in ages she will enjoy it as much as you now go and fucking try it you shitbag,
he rubbed his hands and went out onto the corridor.
i closed the door and ran to the balcony and looked in .
kyle knocked on , my mum put down her book and answered the door ,

he asked her for the cream and he walked in behind her , she went in the bathroom and got him it , she asked kyle do you want me to rub sum in your shoulders they look abit sore . he said yh why not he sat down on the edge of the bed just with his shorts on , my mum got on the bed behind him and started to rub it into his shoulders as they talked .
she asked him does kev(Me) need any , kyle replied no give it him tomorrow hes fast asl**p.
my mum carried on rubbing it into his shoulders then went a little lower rubbing his pecs, she said do you go to the gym alot kyle , he said yh now and again .
my mum said kyle will you rub sum in my shoulders im a little burnt myself , he said yh no problem ,
she sat on the bed facing the balcony window and kyle leaned behind her , she pulled down the straps on her pajama vest and he started to rub sum in , he looked at me and pulled a little face as if he was nervous.i could see kyles massive cock start to poke out in his shorts ,
My Mum put her head back and it rubbed against kyles bulge , she looked up at him and smiled she started to rub the back of her head over his bulge as he massaged her shoulder , i could see her getting turned on , she closed her eyes and bit her lip , she grabbed kyles hands and moved them down her chest onto her big drooping tits , he started to rub and squeeze as she rubbed her head on his now raging hard cock .

she looked up at kyle and said take your shorts off , he pulled them down with his boxers and out popped his 10 inch fat cock , my mum didnt look she just started to rub her head against it ,
Moments later he put his cock over left shoulder , she turned to the side and grabbed his cock with her right hand , bl**dy hell kyle what your mum been feeding you that bl**dy huge . he just giggled as my mum started to wank his big hard cock , she pulled back his foreskin and started to lick his bell end .

soon after she had his hole cock inside her mouth as she wanked it hard struggling to take even half of it in her mouth.
about 5-10 minutes later my mum stood up and pulled off her pajama vest then pulling her skimpy shorts down , revealing her trimmed hairy pussy she pushed kyle onto his back and mounted him in the 69 positon she sat on his face as she sucked his huge cock . kyle loved face sitting , he told me he loved doing it with girl , he had his arms around my ass forcing her pussy into his willing mouth , he was really going for it my mum started to shake her pussy around on his face as she leaned up and played with her erect nipples , she was moaning with pleasure , i could hear her moan as he ate her clit .

10 minutes later she jumped of his face and started to suck his big cock agian she sat ontop of him and aimed his big cock into her drippin mature cunt. she bit her lip as she slid down each inch of cock , she put her hand on his muscley chest as she rid him with every thing she had going round in a circular motion then pounding down taking evry inch , they were both starting to drip with sweat
soon after he rolled over on my mum and told her to get on her knees , she bent over and grabbed the head board on the bed , he leaned over and started to eat her pussy before slipping his cock back inside , he started to pound trying his hardest to satisfy my mum . her moans got louder as he pounded he put 2 of his fingers in her mouth and she sucked them asif it was his cock , he pulled them out and slid them up her tight ass hole as he pounded her stretched cunt. she was moaning loudly as she was cumming all over his big young cock , he pulled out his wet cock as sweat dripped down his forehead and 6 pac , he said do you want it in the ass , yh said yes queitly as she quivered with orgasm , he said i cant hear you , she said just put it in as she rubbed her slit fastly to control her orgasms , he slowly eased his big cock into her wet tight ass hole ,

it took him about 5 minutes to get it in and get a steady rythm , he started to pull it out slowly right to the tip then drive it all back inside as she screamed in pleasure , she was rubbing her clit as he pumped her , about 5 minutes later he pulled out and stood up , my mum lay on her stomach on the bed , he put his wet cock in her mouth and start to pump her mouth as she tasted her pussy and asshole on his huge cock , he didnt have much left , my mum rolled onto her back and let her head hang down over the bed , she said kyle i want to taste you , he put his cock back inside her mouth as she furioslr rubbed her clit, he pulled out and started to wank his cock , he kneeled a little and aimed his load into her mouth , he started to cum loads mostly in her mouth and all over her face , she sat up and swallowed his load as she looked into his eyes , she grabbed his cock and wiped all the cum on her face onto it then sucked started to suck it off ,
They got cleaned up and then kyle left and came back into my room , i looked at him and said you dirty bastard haha he just laughed back and held his hand up ........

to be continued

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3 years ago
What a nivce voyuer of a son you are allowing your friend to fuck your mum like that and then to watch....Nice story. Looking for the continuation
3 years ago
oh, boy!