Watching Mum At Swingers Orgy Uk

I am Kyle, I am 18 m uk
My Mum Is Called Suzanne , 48 f uk

A few months back my grandmother who lives in suffolk sadly passed away, and she left her huge country home to my mother in her will ,
After Viewing The House A few weeks later my Mum Decided to sell our current house and move down to suffolk ,

The House was Huge Compared to our old home , it had 5 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms an en suite kitchen and had a couple of acres of land,
The House was quite dull and old fashioned so my Mum got the whole house re-done and modernised with the money from our old home.

She still had over 150 thousand pounds left from the old house , She Bought herself a brand new Audi TT and lots of other stuff mainly clothes and shoes.

It Took us about 6 months to get fully moved into the house and get to know the local people , they seemed quite nice all wealthy people with nice houses and cars.

A few hundred yards down the road lived a woman called Debra , My Mum became good friends with her and they went shopping alot together , Debra Seemed Like the footballers wife type of woman but was clearly in her 40s like my mother.

Debra had a friend called Karen Who lived near by and they both became good friends with my mother , they would come over to our house some nights and have a few glasses of wine together and talk about clothes and other rubbish .

I used you lie on the landing up stairs and peek down on them and listen to their conversations , Debra and Karen were Hot , both of them were total milfs they would sit on the sofa with there little dresses and their expensive heels , they turned me on badly .
My Mum had started to dress the same way , always getting her hair and nails done and buying fancy dresses and designer heels ,
They all must of thought they were 21 the way they dressed .

Debra was about 5 ft 6, slim , long blonde hair, clearly had botox and a boob job , Karen was also about 5 ft 6 , she had short black hair ,quite slim , and had also had a boob job .

My Mum Is about 5 ft 7 , slim , decent body , very short blonde hair ,blue eyes and well tanned , her boobs were 34 c i think ,

One Night When Debra And Karen Had come over for drinks , i listened to them for about 30 minutes as i glanced down at their hot legs and fake boobs ,
Then a discussion about their boobs came up and Karen Suggested that my mum got a boob job ,
My Mum said she had thought about it before but was too nervous , and she told them how her age had started to make them droop a little , Debra stood up and pulled up her top , showing my mum and Karen her tits , I became hard instantly they were the best set of tits i had seen in real life , Debra Told My Mum To feel them and she did as she laughed , they spoke about the procedure and the prices and finally convinced her to get a boob job ,

A few weeks later she had the boob job and got a D cup , she came home and told me about it , and i just laughed and said good for you ,

From that day on i couldnt look at my mum the same way , her tits were amazing and how she revealed her legs in dresses and huge heels turned me on so badly .

About a week after the boob job , the girls came over for a chat and they were speaking about men , who was hot and who as not stuff like that ,
after while debra said she was thinking of having a party at her house on saturday and asked my mum and Karen to come over.
My Mum Asked- What Kind Of party are we talking about debs , and she replied you will have to wait and see , just make sure you wax as they walked down the drive giggling.

That Saturday evening my mum started to get dressed ,while i played on the game downstairs , after about 2 hours she came downstairs in a short light blue dress , which had gaps cut out of it all the way down both side of the dress revealing the side of her tanned stomach and her legs , she had some platform heels on and a small handbag , she had no bra on and i could see her nipples poking through her tight dress , i said you like nice , she said thanks , right i am going to debras for the night , ill probably be back late and gave me some money for a takeaway , i drove her down the road to debras , she got out at the bottom of the driveway , i stared at her ass as the car headlights beamed on her , i could see the outline of her white thong , i beeped and went back home

I got Home And lay on The sofa and started to wank over the thought of my mums new tits , after about 30 minutes i could not take it any longer i had to know what her and her friends were up to , i put on my hoodie and my trainers and walked across the back field in the dark until i reached Debras BackGarden.

I sneaked down the garden alongside the bushes until i reached her conservatory , all the lights were on so i had to be careful , i walked further round the house to try and see them and a car pulled onto the drive , i dived behind a bush and hid , A Big 4wheel drive audi Q7 pulled up and 3 well dressed Guys got out with a few bottles of wine , i heard them go inside so i went back into the back garden and peeked through the big patio doors , the 3 guys looked quite young all pretty tall and good looking. they walked into the living room and kissed my mum and her friends , they all sat down and cracked a few bottles of champagne open as they got to know each other ,

after a while i was getting bored it just looked like they were having a few drinks , Until Debra Went Into The Kitchen and came back into the living room with a bowl , Karen started Laughing as she knew what was going on ,
Debra Asked The Guys To Put Their Keys In The Bowl and they did as they all smirked at each other . Debra told karen to close her eyes and pick , she reached in and picked a young looking guy with black hair , Debra then walked over to my mum and told her to pick my mum started laughing and saying something to Debbie , In The End She Picked a set , the guy walked over to her and at down along side her , he too looked mid 20s was quite tanned had black hair and abit of a stubble , Debra was left with the other guy who was also well dressed and handsome .

after about 10 minutes , Karen Put Down Her Drink and started to kiss her man passionatly as he put his hand on her leg , soon after Debra followed ,
The Guy sat with my mum leaned over and they kissed for a few seconds until she pulled away , Debra stopped and said something to my mum , the guy with my mum made another pass to kiss her and they started to kiss passionatly.

I started to get hard as things got abit more raunchy , debra started to undue her guys jeans as karen rubbed her man over his pants as they kissed , the guy with my mum put his hand on my mums leg and started to move down slowly until he reached her white thongs , my mum opened up her legs and i saw him put his hand down her thongs and start to play with her bald pussy as he kissed her.

Debra was on her knees , i could see her head bopping up and down on the guys cock as he lay on the sofa .Karen was wanking her guy as he sucked and kissed her erect nipples .
Shortly after all 3 of them were kneeled down sucking on the guys big young cocks in a line , all 3 of them were well endowed the guys lay back and looked at each other smiling .

They all started to undress , derba slipped down her loose black dress and then slid of her black thong as her man took his top and jeans off ,
Karen and my mum started undress , Karen took off her purple dress and matching bra and knickers . Then finally the guy with my mum took off his top revealing his ripped body he pulled of his pants and then undid my mums zip on her dress , he pulled both the straps off her shoulders and it fell down , she then bent over and pulled down her skimpy white thong ,
The men started to return the favour on the women as the lay on the sofa next to each other moaning in pleasure , they grabbed their heads and run there fingers through their short hair as they ate there bald pussys rubbing their erect nipples on their big fake tits ,

Shortly after things were getting into full swing , karen was on all fours on the sofa as her man pumped her hard , Debra was sat ontop of her mans big cock as she rid him vigourasly , My mum was bent over the arm of the sofa as her man thrusted his big cock into her bald mature pussy , all of them were sweating and really going for it , after a few positions and about 45 minutes my mum and her friends kneeled on the floor as the men started to wank their wet hard cock infront of them as they licked their balls . 1 by 1 the guys blew their huge loads on their faces and huge tits , the men collapsed on the sofa and started to drink some champagne as my mum karen and debra kissed each other tasting each of the guys juices , i blew my load all over debras wall outside.

shortly after they all looked exhausted and dripping with sweat they lay next to their men and drank champagne not long after the men got dressed and left .

My mum and her friends also got dressed and had a long chat and a giggle about it , after i had cummed it felt so wrong and i started to get bored so i went back home and got in bed ,

early the next morning my mum got in , i said did you have a good night then , she said yh i really enjoyed it , i laughed under my breath as she hobbled upstairs with her heels in her hands .....

thanks for reading :)

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fuckin amazing mate
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Love your work about yur mum mate.
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Awesome m8
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Nice story. thanks
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good story