Fun With Older Guy On Holiday

Hiya ,

I am A gay Male , 19 yr old , 6 ft 2 , slim-toned , short brown hair , smooth 8 inch cut ,

I recently have been on holiday to turkey ,just near marmaris with my Mum , Auntie younger b*****r and younger cousins ,
Because my b*****r and cousins are alot younger than me i was basically alone for the first few days just messing about in the pool with k**s and going for meals at night with the f****y ,

After about the 3rd day it started to get abit boring especially at night , there was a few younger guys and girls i saw but most of them were foreign , because the hotel was all inclusive i would drink quite alot at night and stay at the outdoor bar with my mum and the k**s.

I had a room to myself and would go to bed a few hours after my mum and auntie , i would sl**p naked because of the heat and would normally wank hard because i was so bored and was really horny .

On the 4th night , i was at the outdoor bar with my mum auntie and the k**s and they went to bed a little earlier than normal , i sat on the bar stool alone and had a few drinks while i watched the live band , it was getting late about 1 olcock and an older guy walked up to the bar and asked for a drink he sat down and light up a cig , i then asked for a drink and he recognised my english accent ,
he walked over and said hiya mate are you english , i said yh ,he said im ross nice to meet you , do you mind if i join you for a chat there is not many english in this hotel , i said yes go ahead ,

we started chatting mainly about where we were from and stuff like that , after about an hour the bar said it was last orders , so we grabbed a couple of drinks .
he then asked me to go to another bar he knew 5 minutes up the beach front , i was pretty d***k to start with so i agreed , we walked down the path for a while and finally reached the bar, it was shut so we went down the stairs and sat on sum sunloungers on the beach with our drinks and had a smoke ,

He asked me if i was here alone , i told him i was with my mum and aunt and that i was really bored , he then told me he was here alone and had been here for 5 days now and he also was bored and missing company ,
he then said to me , so have you seen any hot girls about , i said yh but im not really into girls , i felt abit embaressed , he said so you are gay then , i said yh and went red , he said well that makes 2 then , i said are you gay aswell , he said yh sure am thought i was the only one in the hotel .

ross then asked me how old i was and i told him 19 , he said oh great i am 43, he said so have you ever been with an older guy , i replied not really i have done a little bit with a guy but he was only 24 , he then said , so would you ever be interested in an older guy , and i said well yh i guess it depends ,
he said right kyle , we are both on holiday , we are both alone do you fancy abit of fun ? i was abit shy but then i said yh why not we are on holiday ,

( ross was also about 6 ft 2 , quite muscular and had a bald head , he was quite tanned and had a big tribal tattoo on his arm )

we both stood up and started kissing , he put his hands on my back then went down and put his hands down my shorts and started to squeuze my ass as we kissed , moments later we heard someone walking down the pathway looking down onto us on the beach , we stopped he said come on follow me , we walked towards some rocks out of sight , we stopped , ross undid his shorts and got out his big cock , i got down on my knees infront of him and started to suck his big fat uncut cock , after about 15 minutes he pulled out and said let go back to my room , we walked back to the hotel , i was quite nervous but totally horny ,
we got to his room , we walked in and we started to kiss , we undressed fastly ,i got down and started to suck his big raging cock as deep as i could as he fingered my hole , he bent me over and started to rim my arse , he pushed his cock into my hole slowly as i moaned , after a few minutes he was driving his cock into me deep and hard , he would pull it out all the way to the tip then drive it back inside hard , we was both sweating , he lay onto his back and told me to get on top facing him , i leaned back and started to ride him as best i could , he lay back in pleasure as he wanked my cock, it was too much i started to cum all over his chest as his cock was deep inside me , my ass hole squeezed around his cock , he started to pound me quickly then blew his huge load inside my ass , i could feel the warmth inside me , i jumped off and lay next to him , we both went to sl**p and the next day ........

to be continued , sorry it was abit rushed lol
96% (25/1)
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2 months ago
Can't beat spontaneous sex with another guy
3 years ago
Very sexy story! HOT.
3 years ago
Very Nice, cant wait te read whats next
3 years ago
Wow you got me started that was the first one of the day thanks
3 years ago
mmmm so hot, mmm next part please good story