Fucking My Auntie On Summer Break

Hi I Am 19 m uk, 6 ft 2 , brown hair and muscular body .

Recently I have been going through relationship problems with my girlfriend,
We have Only Been Together for 4 months and we have been arguing for the past few weeks ,
Last Weekend Nicole Went Out To The Clubs With Her Mates , I stayed home because i was tired from work and wanted a night in , I wasnt happy with her going out but i couldnt cope with more arguing so she left in the taxi with her mates.

Later That Night When I was Watching TV I got A Phone Call Of My Mate , he said - hiya mate , are you still with nicole , i said sort of yes why ? , he replied well ive just seen her in this club dancing with sum guy and proper getting off with him , My Heart Dropped Instantly , i said are you sure it was her , he said yh mate im positive , i said ok thanks for letting me know anyway mate and put the phone down .
I walked around the room and couldnt stop moving , i was pissed off , about 5 mins later i grabbed my car keys and raced up to town , i pulled up in the side street and walked to the club she was at , just as i got along side it i saw her mate through the window with a guy , i walked a little further around and saw nicole on the sofas in the corner getting of with this guy , i walked back to my car and sent her a txt saying never come near me agian you fucking slut , ive just seen you with my own eyes so dont try and lie to me , its over

The Next Few weeks were hard , nicole was always texting me , i had problems with a guy from the pub and work was just dragging me down ,
One Night I got Chatting To My cousin Kev on facebook and told him about my problems and he said why dont you come and stay with us for a few days and sort your head out , him and my auntie lived down in suffolk in a nice little village , he told me the weather was really nice , so i said yh why not ,
I booked a week of work and set off that weekend in my car , it was a long drive
by the time i got there it was dark and i was really tired , i parked up in their drive way and grabbed my bags , My auntie Liz came to the door and invited me in ,

She Shown Me kevs Bedroom and i put my bags down and sat down with Liz and had a brew.
She Said bl**dy Hell Kyle You Have gone bl**dy massive since i last seen you , what has your mum been feeding you , i laughed and told her i had been going to the gym alot ,
I Asked Her Where Kev was and she said he is at his girlfriends house down the road , he may aswell live there hes never really home unless he wants something , i finished my drink and said i was tired and went to bed.

My Auntie Liz ( she is about 5 ft 6 , she is quite a plump chubby women with huge tits and brown hair )she is 40 yrs old . and has been divorced for 8 years .

The next morning i woke up , liz walked into my room with a cup of tea and a bacon butty , she was wearing a tight black vest and matching tracksuit bottoms with sum slippers , as she bent over to put my breakfast down i couldnt help but notice how big her tits really were , they were huge they were half way down her chest because she didnt have a bra on ,
Anyway , i ate my breakfast and jumped in the shower , i became hard and started to wank my 9 inch cock in the shower over the thought of Lizs Tits , after i cummed i got out and got changed and kev arrived .
he was a year younger than me and little nerdy but he was funny. i said so kev i heard you have got yourself a girlfriend now , he said yh we have been together over a year now , we both got in my car and he took me around the village and showed me around and where everything of use was , we got something to eat and headed back to his mums house, when we got near he asked me to drop him off at his girlfriends , i said arent you stayin at home , he said no , its you get to sl**p in my bed anyway , unless you wanna sl**p on the couch , i was happy and dropped him of at his girlfriends just down the road ,
i arrived back at lizs and walked inside , Liz was cooking sum food , so i sat down in the living room and watched sum tv , she kneeled down in the kitchen to get out sum plates and i noticed a blue thong stretch up her arse.

A few minutes later she give me my food and sat down next to me on the sofa , we started to chat away as we ate , she said so kyle how long have you been going to the gym , i said i while now nearly 6 months , she said you look bl**dy massive look at your arms , i laughed . she then asked me if i was still with my girlfriend , and i said no thats half the reason im down here just to get a break from it all , i then asked her , what about you ? have you found anyone?

she replied no, i had a fella a good few months back but it didnt work out . i said whys that ? she said well i liked the guy but .... but what? i said , she said well do you know what a premature ejaculater is , i said ohhh right now i understand . well anyway Liz Im sure you will find another man . she said im not sure about that round here most of the guys are all old farmers and so on ,
she stood up and took my plate as i looked at her huge tits .
I started to become hard , before she could notice i stood up and said im just going to jump in the shower liz , i ran to the shower and got undressed i got in the shower and started to wash myself as my cock was rock hard , i started to wank it hard as the water fell down onto my chest and cock ,
The next minute Liz knocked on the door , i said dont come in , i am in the shower, she said i just need a towel i wont look she walked straight in and grabbed a towel and then started to look in the little cupboard on the side , i turned around to see if she was gone and she was stood facing me , she looked down and said fucking hell kyle , i put my hands over my hard cock and said what ?
she said what? look at the fucking size of it , i went red and embaressed , she said move your hands let me have another look , i said no your my auntie thats wierd , she said exactly im not gonna bite i just want to have a little look , i took a deep breath and moved my hands , Liz but her hand over her mouth in amazement , she said fucking hell kyle thats huge , she told me to step out of the shower , i stood with my back facing her she grabbed a towel and started to dry my shoulders ad back , she said kyle? you know how we talked about me not having a man earlier , i replied yh go on ? she said well im getting kind of lonely these days and i was wondering if you would do your Auntie Liz A big Favour ? i said well . what kind of favour are you thinking about ? she said well i was thinking that me and you should have abit of fun , it will take your mind of things , i replied what do you mean by fun though ? i felt her tits press against my back and and her hand slide around my front then grabbing my rock hard cock , just as i was about to speak she grabbed my balls ,she turned me around she grabbed my cock with 2 hands and started to wank me slowly as she looked up into my eyes , she said , well are you going to do me that favour ? i looked down at my dick in her hands then looked back into her tempting eyes , and said yes , she said thats a good boy , she got down on her knees and started to kiss my big cock , she put her hand behind my legs and started to suck me as deep as she could as i looked down in total joy .

About 5 minutes later , she grabbed my cock and looked up at me and said let go to my bedroom ,she stood up and led me to her bedroom by my now raging hard cock .
she pushed me onto my back on the bed and climbed onto the end , she kneeled up and took of her vest revealing her huge drooping tits , i leaned up to kiss them and she pushed me back down on to my back , she started to suck my hard cock once agian i lay back and enjoyed evry second of it , a while after she stood up and pulled down her tight trackie bottoms , then slowly taking off her thongs , i sat their wanking my cock , she climbed on the bed and then up my body and put her huge tits in my face , i grabbed them and started to lick and kiss every inch of them , she then leaned up and turned around with her clean shaved pussy in sight , she started to back up until she reached my face , i have never wanted to lick a pussy as much as this in all my life , i began to lick her fat wet pussy as she sucked me cock hard and deep , i was in heaven after a few minutes i was so turned on i grabbed her by her thighs and f***ed her into my face , she started to go up and down on my face and then pushing her self into my mouth and going round in circular motions , i could taste her juices in my mouth and i loved it , she threw her leg over my body and faced me again , she grabbed my huge wet cock and aimed it into her wet willing pussy , it slid right in her wet hole as she moaned she put her hand on my muscular chest and started to ride my cock hard , i lay in ultimate pleasure as i looked into her eyes , i became to horny , i pushed her of me and got her on all fours , she grabbed the headboard of the bed and i aimed my cock back into her pussy , i started to pound her with evrything i had , i was going as hard and deep as i could as she moaned in pleasure , we was both dripping in sweat . she rolled onto her back with her legs wide open i could resist it , i had to eat it once more , i ate her dripping pussy for a few minutes then pushed my cock back inside her.
now i was getting my rhythm and the depth , she was moaning loudly i leaned over and started to suck her erect nipples then started to kiss her passionatly as we dripped in sweat , i was pounding hard , pulling my cock out to the very end then driving it back deep inside her , she squeezed my arse tightly with her nails evrytime i went deep inside her , i didnt have much left she was turning me on extremely , i said im gonna cum , she grabbed her big tits , i pulled out my dripping cock and moaned loudly as i blew my huge load on her tits and face,
i basically collased in exhaustion , i lay at the end of the bed and began to eat her wet pussy agian as she sucked my cum off her huge tits soon after she grabbed my head and started to push me into her i felt her tense up and she cummed a little in my mouth , she pulled me up and we started to kiss tasting each others juices it was hot,i stayed the night in her bed .

i was only meant to stay down with them for a few days , in the end i stayed for 8 nights and we fucked as much as we could , never in my life have i had better sex , it was amazing , she thought the same , we reguarly talk over the internet and i am defintley going to visit her agian ,

thanks for reading :)

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nice one
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A good Aunt will help out her nephews when they need it
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Loved that x
3 years ago
very good mate,,i enjoyed it ,,,