Watching My Mum And Her Young Fuck Buddy

I am Kyle , I am 18 years old and live at Home With My Mum

My Mum Is Called Suzanne , She is 48 , 5 ft 9 , slimmish body , short light red hair , green eyes , lightly tanned , 38 c , hairy/trimmed....

A Few Months ago my mum met a guy called danny at the gym and brought him back home for something to eat and a chat ,
When i first Met Him i felt really weird , he is only 26 , he was quite slim and seemed a little shy infront of me ,
Since Then they have started a sort of relationship , he comes over to our house most nights and stays over on weekends and some week nights,

I have started to speak to him alot more in the past few weeks , i think he feels more comfortable knowing i am aright with him being with my mum ,he is still very quiet but i prefer that.

Last year My Mum got an extension built downstairs and turned it into her room , with an ensuite bathroom then her bedroom ,
Since she has been with danny i have heard them fucking on a few occasions , its kind of wierd for me because my mum is alot older than danny , but if it makes her happy then i dont really mind .

Last saturday Night I told My Mum i was staying out for the night and would be back the next day .
I went over to my mates house with a few mates and had a few beers which turned into a lot of beers.
It got to about 2 in the morning and i started being sick , i felt terrible ,
i just wanted to get home and get in my own bed , so i phoned a taxi and got dropped of at the bottom of my street.
I thought My Mum and danny would be asl**p , and i didnt want to wake them up ,
But just as i got outside my house , i saw danny stood in the kitchen through the blinds , so i ran round the side of the house and looked through the other kitchen window and saw danny stood pooring a drink fully naked ,
i could just see the back of him and arse , he closed the fridge and turned around and i saw his cock , oh my god it was massive it must of been about 5-6 inches flacid and was quite thick ,
i hid behind the wall straight away then he turned the kitchen light off and walked back to my mums room ,

I only had the back door key on me so i walked round the back and my mums bedroom light was on , i sneaked over and peeped through the big gap in the blinds and my mum was lay on the bed with a white silk pajama dress on , moments later Danny walked in fully nude and lay on the bed next to her ,
Danny lay on his back and my mum lay on her side with her hand on his chest with her back facing me ,

They started to kiss as my mum felt his ripped body , i could see her hand moving down until it reached his big cock, she started to rub and slowly wank his cock as they kissed , she then crawled down the bed infront of him and started to kiss up his legs slowly , she reached his cock and started to kiss his shaft ,she then grabbed his growing cock and began to suck it as he lay back with his hands behind his head.

A few minutes later he stood up and pushed my mum onto her back on the bed , she lay facing him with her hairy pussy facing him , he leaned down and began to eat her pussy ,she grabbed his head with both hands as she moaned with pleasure ,

About 5 minutes after he sat her up and pulled of her silk dress , they started kissing then he began to suck her drooping 38c tits , he kissed down her body then grabbed his cock and aimed it into her wet willing pussy , it seemed to slip straight in , he started to pound her with long hard strokes as she grabbed his pecks , she then grabbed both his arse cheeks and squeezed them as he went deep inside her ,

shortly after , he got my mum on all fours with her grabbing the head board of the bed , he started to pound her hardly as i her drooping tits rocked back and forth , i could see his big cock going into her as he thrusted back,
my mum let go of the board and grabbed the pillows tighly as he fucked her

he pulled out dripping with sweat and lay on his back , my mu climbed ontop of him and aimed his cock back into her streched pussy , she began to ride him vigourasly with her hands on his sweating chest ,
he rolled back over into missionary and started to really pound her hard and deep ,
Then all of a sudden he pulled out , stood up next to the bed holding his cock and started to cum on my mum red sweating face as she played with her pussy , danny started to dab his cock on her lips and face ,

shortly after my mum went into the bathroom and got cleaned up then went back to danny who was exhausted on the bed , they turned the light off and went to sl**p ,

15 minutes later after i had cummed all over the wall and had a cig , i snook into the house and went to bed ,
i try to watch them as much as possible , it turns me on so badly knowinga young guy with a huge cock is pleasuring my mums mature willing pussy , its great , thanks for reading
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3 years ago
i wouldve did the same thing
3 years ago
This is seriously hot... wish I'd have been there watching with you.
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3 years ago
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Very good.
3 years ago
Nice....a voyeur's tale.
3 years ago
Great story mate
3 years ago
great story,,hope you see more of this and join them ..
3 years ago
Nice work, thanks.
3 years ago
fantastic -- be my friend we should chat