Me and Friend watch our wives with black guys


Im Paul
Me and my wife Suzanne have been married for 16 years and have had a great sex life.
A few years Ago I became a premature ejaculater and just could not satisfy Suzannes needs no more,
Last year i give her permission to have sex with another guy aslong as i was present and i could watch ,she met a 31 year old white guy on the web and they had sex on 4 occasions , this made her happy and made me extremely horny ,

Suzanne stopped meeting the guy of the web about 3 months ago.
A few weeks ago she got home from work and asked me to sit down , she said 'you know like you let me be with the guy of the internet ?' i said yes , she said well my friend karen from work has told me that her and her husband do the same thing and wondered if we would like to join them one night and you and karens husband mike watch us both ,

It sounded good ,so i agreed almost instantly , then she said 'oh and there is one more thing the guy karen meets is black , and his friend probably will be aswell , are you ok with that? '

I went on the internet and saw lots of videos of cuckold husbands watching their wives with black guys and it turned me on so badly ,
I told Suzanne i was happy for it to happen and was excited about it to be honest ,
straight away she rang up karen and told her we was ok with it , Suzanne sounded really excited over the phone ,
The Night after Karen phoned us up and told us that they had arranged it for saturday night at karens house.

Saturday evening I got out of the shower and went into our room and got changed.
Suzanne come in shortly after and couldnt pick what to wear , she was really trying to make an effort ,

she is 5 ft 8 , slimmish figure , short red hair , lightly tanned , green eyes , 38 c , trimmed hairy pussy

she tried about 5 different types of underwear , in the end she picked a matching black netted thong and bra , she wore a short revealing dress and some huge black platform heels , she covered herself in perfume and some lipstick ,

we set of to karens house and arrived soon after , we knocked on the door with a bottle of wine and a few beers , her husband mike answered , Suzanne went upstairs to karen and i got aquantied with mike , we stood in kitchen with a few beers and spoke about the expierience , i told him that Suzanne had previously been with a white guy and he told me , you havent seen nothing till you see her with a big black guy , i started to get hard thinking about it .

, (karen)- around 5 ft 8 , chubby ,short blonde hair , quite busty , she was wearing a red dress and sum black heels no whee near as big as Suzannes.

They both Hobbled down the stairs in their heels looking hot , they sat down on the sofa and had a few glasses of wine , Karen phone up the guy and they said they would be here in about 30 minutes ,

I started to get a little nervous but excited at the same time ,Karen and Suzanne giggled on the sofa and both looked really excited ,

Mike told me to chill out and just let them have fun , and told me i would love it , we both drank a good few beers and i started to calm down a little.

soon after the door bell went , Karen went to the door and let them in , she walked into the living room first and introduced Suzanne to the guys , they were called Devon and Sean.
They sat Either side of our wives ,devon the guy sat next to suzanne was about 6 ft 3 and quite slim , sean who was sat next to karen was also over 6 ft but had abit more wieght on him .

Me and Mike introduced ourselfs and stood back in the kitchen overlooking them in the living room , they started to chat and get comfortable
A few moments later Karen began to kiss sean and rub each other up , straight after devon started to kiss Suzanne and put his hand on her leg , i was hard already ,, both of our wives started to rub there bulges over there jeans as they kissed passionatly ,

Karen undid seans jeans and began to wank his big black cock , Suzanne saw them and undone devons belt he stood up infront of her on the sofa and pulled down his jeans and his tight white boxers to reveal his massive black cock , suzanne began to wank his cock and then put in her mouth and bagan to suck , Sean then stood up infront of Karen and pulled his down as she also began to suck his monster cock ,

Me and mike were in the kitchen watching both our wives sat down taking a mouth full of black cock and it turned me on so badly , a short while after karen said should we all go upstairs , karen led the way with sean right behind her , Suzanne followed the so did devon as they walked up the stairs i saw devon grab suzannes arse and squeeze , me and mike followed and sat down on the 2 arm chairs at the end of the bedroom , devon and suzanne were stood kissing , he spinned her around and untied her zip and slipped of her black dress , he bent her over the bed and started to kiss her ass cheeks ,he undid her bra and then Suzanne lay on her back facing him , while karen was sucking on seans cock ,Devon began to suck and kiss Suzannes erect nipples then slowly kissing his way down her body until he go to her black thong wich he slowly pulled off , he got on his knees and started to eat Suzannes hairy pussy , Karen was also nude and sean was eating her pussy aswell on the other side of the bed ,

A short while after devon stood up and suzanne started to suck his cock as deep as she could as he played with he pussy he pulled her nearer to the end of the bed and started to wipe his huge bell end on her pussy flaps up and down befor he finally entered her , her face instantly moaned in pleasure , by now sean had bent karen over the bed and was already fucking her pussy , devon was getting deeper and deeper into her as she moaned , Sean lay on his back on the bed facing me and mike , karen climbed ontop of him and started to ride his fat cock as moaned , Devon then did the same , Suzanne cralwed up the bed and began to suck him off with her wet pussy facing me and mike , she then crawled onto his cock and aimed it into her wet snatch ,

I was so horny watchin both our wives ride their huge cocks and love evry moment of it , after a while they swapped over and Suzanne started to suck seans fat cock , well as much as she could fit in her mouth ,
Then Karen and Suzanne got on all fours facing each other in the middle of the bed , while devon and Sean stood at either side and entered our wives once more , they started to pound them hard as they both kissed each other in the middle ,

Devon was fucking karen hard then said he was going to cum , mike said ' now here is the best part ' as devon cummed deep inside karens pussy ,
sean leaned over and said to suzanne do you want one aswell , she looked over at me and i nodded my head , sean started to pump her as hard as he could with his fat black cock then pushed deep inside her and cummed ,

devon and sean were both exhausted and dripping with sweat they had a drink then got changed as out wives lay on the bed totally exhausted and playing with their cum filled pussys , i sat next to suzanne and asked her if she liked it , she said she loved it , what about you , i told her i loved it aswell and we all agreed to definiatley do it agian reguarly ......

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2 years ago
Please, tell us the sizes of each of the dicks!
2 years ago
that was a real nice story.
3 years ago
god that sounds like fun! where can i sign up?
3 years ago
i want some
3 years ago
please tell us that hubby the felcher cleaned up that sloppy fuck hole.........Sweet