Fucking My BBW Auntie In A Caravan

Hi Im Kyle , i am 6 ft 2, slim-athletic build , dark brown hair ,blue/green eyes
i am 19 years old and have a huge cock for my age ,(9.5) when erect.

My Auntie is called Liz , she is about 5 ft8 , quite chubby , brown hair , huge drooping tits, fair skinned

My auntie liz owns a static caravan down in wales and usually stays there for a few weeks each year if the weathers nice.
A few weeks ago Liz phoned my mum and invited us all to stay for a few nights just to catch upon things and see them. But my mum has been really busy in work and could not have the time off.
My Mum suggested i took my little b*****r down for a few days to see Lizs k**s and just to give my mum a little break really ,
So that weekend me and my little b*****r packed our bags and set off to wales .
A few hours later we arrived ,Liz invited us in and we threw our bags in the room we would be staying in,
My younger b*****r shared with lizs son and i stayed in a single in the back room.

The next day i woke up and my younger b*****r josh and lizs son dylan were both messing about with their toys being loud , i had some breakfast and got changed . later that afternoon Liz decided to have a BBQ and a few of her neighbours come over to join us ,
We were all drinking with our food in the sun and continued to do so all night , once it started to get late everyone left , the k**s were in bed so i helped Liz clean the mess up outside and then went back in to relax.
I was pretty pissed Myself and i could tell Liz was aswell , I sat on the sofa and she bent down in the kitchen area and i could see her thong right up her arse.
It was getting quite late so i decided to jump in the shower quickly then go to bed ,
the bathroom was only small and had no lock on the door , i got undressed and turned on the shower , i started to play with my cock in the mirror while the shower warmed up , Finally i jumped in the shower and started to clean myself with my shower gel ,

Then all of a sudden the water went freezing cold and the shower started to make a strange noise , i jumped out and shouted liz and asked her what to do , she said just press the lever and it should work , i got back on the shower and tried to push it , it still didnt work , i told Liz it wasnt working and she just walked into the bathroom and over to the shower , i looked behind me and saw her and put my hands over my cock straight away and went bright red , she said bl**dy hell kyle havent you grown up , i grabbed a towel and put it around my waist while she fixed the shower ,i started to get hard under the towel and it was starting to show , i was hiding it as best i could , Liz said i would have to wait till the morning to use the shower , she walked over to me in the corner and said what are you hiding under their , i went even redder and just told her to move , she carried on walking towards me and tried to undue the towel , i grabbed onto it and started laughing telling her to move , in the end it fell down , i put my hands over my cock and stood their really embaressed , she looked at me and told me to move my hands ,i said no , she said go on move your hands i only want to see it , i moved my hands slowly and she said bl**dy hell kyle whats your mum been feeding you , she moved her hand foward and grabbed my cock in her hand , she said fucking hell kyle its massive , she started to wank it slowly , i just froze and couldnt say anything , she leaned over and licked up the side of my cock , i just squeezed my face in pleasure , she started to suck my big cock good , taking over half of me into her mouth easily , she stood up and started to kiss me as she wanked my cock , she grabbed me by the cock and led me into her room telling me to be quite , we got to her room and she pushed me onto the double bed , she locked the door and took of her top ,she stood infront of me on the bed , i put my arms around her back and undid her bra to reveal her huge melon tits , i started to suck them and squeeze her huge tits , she lay down on the bed and i pulled her tight white pants off , i then took of her thongs and started to kiss up her leg , i finally reached her fat hairy pussy and started to eat it , she grabbed my head and was forcing me into her ,

She leaned over to her draw and pulled out a condom , she started wanking my cock and then slid it on for me , she lay on her back on the bed with her legs wide open , i crawled inbetween her and aimed my cock into her big hairy pussy ,it slid straight in , i started to pump her as hard as i could as she grabbed my ass cheeks tighlty and pushed me into her even deeper , she was moaning quite loudly i started playing with her nipples as i fucked her ,

about 10 minutes later , i couldnt last no longer i was about to blow the biggest load ever , Liz said let me taste you , i pulled out and took the condom of and started wanking my big cock as i aimed it in her mouth , i started to blow my huge load all over face and mouth , she licked her lips and sucked me off for a little while after it ,she got cleaned up and then we both slept naked together .

I stayed at the caravan for about 4 days night and we fucked atleast another 6 times when we had the oppurtunity , she was quite fat and not the hottest of women but it was deffinitly the best sex ive ever had and im looking foward to doing it again next yeat :)
86% (30/5)
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good story
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good story hot outcome
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good story here
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