me and my b*****r fucked auntie on holiday.

(my aunt is called suzanne , she is 5 ft9 , slimmish , tanned , short red hair 38c , trimmed)

Hi i am Kyle i am 19 , my b*****r is called kev and hes 18

Recently my Auntie who owns a small villa in spain asked me and my b*****r kev would we like to come over for a few days to see her son robert and just get away from crappy england ,
we booked our flights a few days later and let them know when we would be arriving , we landed in spain about 5 oclock thursday evening, we got a taxi to there place and arrived a few hours later because it was quite far out .
We arrived at their villa and knocked on and robert answered the door and invited us in , we took our cases to our room we were sharing ,and went back downstairs for a chat and a drink ,

The next day we spent most of the day by the pool just relaxing, while my auntie Suzanne sunbathed , me kev and robert just had a laugh in the pool, that night we all got changed to go out for a meal and went down to the town for few a few drinks before hand ,
We arrived at the place a nice little resteraunt near the sea front ,and all 4 of us ordered our meals and had a really good chat just catching up , by the end of the night we had all had quite alot to drink and We could tell Suzanne was d***k , roberts girlfriend phoned him and said he had to go , we tried to convince him to stay but he ended up leaving us in the end , he said he would see us tommorow.

Great , now we were both stuck with Suzanne pissed up ,she asked us to go to another bar with her , What the hell we said we are on holiday and followed her down the road to the bar , she led the way , i couldnt help but look at her arse as she was walking , i could see the bold outline of the pink thong she was wearing ,

We arrived at the bar and Suzanne got us sum wierd cocktails each , and then we had a few beers aswell , it was about 2 oclock in the morning all 3 of us were really pissed, Suzanne especially she could hardly walk ,she put her arms around both of our shoulders as she tried to walk with her huge heels on , we popped in the local shop and got a few more beers and a few bottles of water then went to the taxi rank , all 3 of us got in the back Suzanne in the middle and us either side , she took off her big heels in the taxi and was just talking about daft stuff because she was d***k , she was acting a little strange she put her hands on our legs and started saying i have missed you both loads i love you both , and give us a kiss on the cheeks , we both looked at each other and laughed .

after quite a long journey we arrived back at her place , kev sat her down on the sofa while i went into the kithcen to put the water in the fridge and make us some more drinks ,
as i walked back in kev and Suzanne was both snogging each others face off , i stood there in amazement and just coughed loudly they both stopped and looked at me ,kev like winked at me and Suzanne said dont worry come and sit down with us , i walked over and sat down next to her , she put her hand on my knee and started moving her head closer to me , i kissed her on the lips and pulled away then looked right in her eyes , i started to kiss her as her hand went further down my jeans , kev started kissing her neck from the other side and put his hand on the inside of her thigh, she swapped over and started kissing kev a few mintutes later she told us both to stand up , we both stood infront of her and she said get them pants of , we both pulled our jeans down and revealed our big hard cocks , she said blimey havent you boys grown , she started to suck me as wanked kevs cock then swapped over , me and kev just looked at each other in ultimate pleasure as she sucked our big cocks .
I sat her up on her knees as she bent over and sucked kevs cock from the side of the sofa , i got behind her and lifted her dress over her ass and pulled her little pink thong down ,i started to lick her mature pussy from behind ,grabbing her thighs and pushing her pussy into me , i got on my knees behind her and aimed my cock into her wet pussy , i started slowly fucking her mature pussy as she sucked kevs big cock , me and kev looked at each other , our faces in orgasm

After a good 5 minutes we swapped over , i put my pussy soaked cock right in her mouth and started fucking it , she could nearly swallow my whole cock , she was moaning loudly evry time kev pumped her i could feel her mouth go tighter around my cock ,she pulled my cock out of her mouth and asked kev to put it in her ass , we looked at each other and i nodded , he slowly put his big cock in her ass as she wanked me vigoursly after about 5 minutes he had a good decent rythm into her ass , she stood up took of her dress and bra and pushed kev onto the sofa and climbed onto his cock , cowgirl , she bent over and said i want you in my arse , i leaned over and put my cock right inside her arse hole , as kev fucked her pussy , she was bright red dripping with sweat moaning loudly as we double teamed her , we fucked both her holes hard for about 20 minutes , she said i want to taste you both , i pulled out of her arse and then she dismounted kevs cock and got on her knees on the floor , we both stood infont of her wanking our cocks hard as she rubbed her pussy with her tongue out , i cummed first i aimed it all inside her mouth with a huge load , kev started cumming more or less straight after and filled her mouth , she swallowed us both at the same time and rubbed what she spilled into her pussy , i lay down exhausted ,

we got a bottle of water and went to bed , the next day when we woke up , we both agreed that was the best fuck of our lives , and wanted to do it agian , we came downstairs for breakfast with an arkward feeling , she smiled at us both and said well did you enjoy lastnight , because i certianly did , but dont mention a word to know 1 ,

through out the week we stayed we fucked her 4 nights whenever robert wasnt there , we are looking forward to going back next year aswell ,

thanks for reading

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2 years ago
Good one - oh for an auntie like that.
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2 years ago
nice one
3 years ago
Great story reaminds me when i was 13 an fucked mt aunt
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like it
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Great story reminds me of the time l fucked my aunt
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it is a good story
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Great vacation fuck story.. Tells us about the next time
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great story keep them cumming
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great holiday fuck...nice work
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wow that was hot,great story...thanks