My Mum Got GangBanged of sum Germans guys On Hol


I have Just Been On Holiday With My Mum And My Younger b*****r.

We went to turkey for 10 days In a 5 star hotel.

My Mum is Called Suzanne , she is 48 , about 5 ft 9 , short light red hair , quite tanned , 38 c , decent body for her age ,hairy.

About 6 german men arrived and checked into the hotel , usually at night we went for out meal because it was an all inclusive hotel, and then sat at the outdoor bar had a few drinks and listened to the live entertainment ,
The day the german guys arrived the sat at the outdoor bar , and were quite loud and were knocking back beer after beer ,as the night got later they were all quite d***k and started misbehaving just having a laugh ,
it got quite late so me, my mum and my b*****r went up to our rooms , my mum had her own room and my b*****r shared with me ,

The next day , we stayed by the pool most of the day and the german guys were sat at the pool bar nearly all day drinking beer and joking about in the pool . my mum got in the pool to cool off and as she swam over near the bar , one of them german guys said something to her and smiled ,

Just before tea time , we went upto our rooms and got changed to go for something to eat , My Mum wore a tight white dress and sum see big see through heels , we went for our meal and then went over to the bar as usual , after about an hour the germans walked over to the bar and sat down on the stools ,

A couple Of hours later , my mum was quite d***k and was trying to drag me up to dance , no chance , so she walked to the dancing area and started dancing with a few other women and sum couples , shortly after one of the germans walked over and started dancing with her , she was laughing and he was saying something to his friends laughing , while he was dancing with her , he pulled the back of her dress up so all his friends could see , my mum just laughed and pulled it back down as all his friends cheered , it was getting quite late and the bar was going to close soon , so i told my mum me and my b*****r was going up to bed ,

when we got in our room , my b*****r got changed and went to bed , i was too hot so i went and stood on the balcony for a minute and all i could hear ws the germans laughing and cheering , i looked down and saw them sat with my mum at the bar with a few other couples ,

A few minutes later , she walked down the path with one of the guys and stood next to a tree and they started kissing for a while , as they walked back up the path , the guy had his hand on my mum ass until they got back near the bar , where all his mates started saying stuff and cheering , the guy said something to them and they all stood up and started to walk back into the hotel with my mum ,

About 5 minutes later , i could hear them on the hallway speaking and then heard a door close , i went to bed and lay there , i heard could sum 1 in my mums room being loud about 15 minutes later , so i jumped up and went to the balcony , the curtain was shut but there was a small gap so i climbed over to my mums balcony and saw all 5 of them round her in a circle , she was on her knees sucking their cocks , i was amazed , i carried on watching , they stood her up and undressed her , i could see her hairy pussy , they put her down on the bed and one of them started to lick her pussy , as 2 of them stood either side of the bed and got their cocks sucked as the other got wanked ,

i watched for over an hour as they took turns fucking her hairy pussy and her ass , treating her like a british slut , in the end all 5 of them cummed in her mouth and on her face , they got changed and left the room straight away laughing ,,

the next day when my mum said to us she wanted to go on a trip , she didnt want to go down to the pool today , so we agreed , me knowing too well what happened and she couldnt bear the shame ,,,

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love this one
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very good
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not bad
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a good real one