Watching My Wife With Black Guy On Holiday

Hi I am Paul ,I am 39 , my wife is called Suzanne ,she is 44, short red hair

Last month Me And my wife Suzanne Went To Turkey For 2 weeks , We have been married about 16 years now and had a good relationship , i have an 8 inch cock and have always satisfied my wife and had some great sex , About 5 years ago i started losing my urge for sex and when i did have sex i cummed in minutes , Suzanne always said she didnt mind but i could tell she was bothered and unsatisfied by my sex ,
we have started arguing alot more ,and have not had sex in ages , so i decided i would treat her to a nice holiday just to clear things over and get away from work and other stuff ,
Anyway we went to turkey for 2 weeks , the weather was great and the hotel was really nice , we would go down to the private beach and just sunbathe and relax with drinks and have the odd swim , on about the 6th night in we had quite a big argument in the room because i saw her chatting with a black guy in the bar , we argued for about 45 minutes about our relationship and so on , i was going mad about the guy at the bar , then she said to me well what do you expect paul you cant satisfy me in the bedroom , i have not had sex for over a year , women have needs too you know ,This made me feel quite bad about myself, all i want to do is make her happy , i had a long hard think about it and came up with the idea of letting her be with another guy , aslong as i said it was ok and i was there while it happened ,once i told her my idea she was up for it straight away , i told her my conditions, and we went to bed.
The next day we stayed by the pool and relaxed all day , about 2 in the afternoon i went up to the room to get sum more sun cream , when i came back to the pool , Suzanne was sat on the edge of the pool with just her feet dipped inside speaking to the black guy from the other night , i lay on the sunbed and pretended i wasnt bothered , about 15 minutes later Suzanne came back over , we had a little chat , she said what about him he seems a nice guy , i said no way , not a chance am i letting you fuck a black guy , we argued for a little while by the pool , about tea time we went up to the room to get changed for dinner ,i got showered first and sat on the balcony with a beer ,once Suzanne got out of the shower she sat next to me in a towel and started to argue agian , saying what is your problem , one minute you say its aright now your saying is not ,i replied i said it was ok yes but on my rules and im not gonna sit there and watch you fuck a black guy no chance ,she went mad for about 15 minutes , in the end i just said right fucking have it your way do what you want with him , she went back into the room and started to get dressed , she put a white thong on then put a dark grey maxi dress on with no bra , and put sum big daft heels on she could barely walk in ,
Anyway we went down for dinner and i was supping back the beers to take in what i was about to do , we finished dinner and went down to the outdoor bar where there was a musician playing , it started to get dark and we both had drank a good few drinks , the black guy she had been talking to walked into the bar and sat down a few tables next to us , i said to suzanne ,right im going down to the shop , you speak to the guy and sort it out and see if its all ok ,i was too embaressed to sit there and speak to him so i went for a little walk while Suzanne spoke to him , i got back about 20 minutes and a few beers later , Suzanne told me to come over , so i sat down and said hello to the guy ,he was english from london , Suzanne went to the bar to get us sum drinks , i stayed silent , the black guy called Devon , said shes gorgoues isnt she , your a lucky man , i just laughed and said i know , we all had a few more drinks , i was knocking them back for fun ,it was getting pretty late and Suzanne suggested we went up to the room ,we got sum drinks from the bar and got in the lift up to our room , once we got in the lift Suzanne went upto devon in the corner of the lift , and started kissing him , he pulled away and said wait is he ok with this (meaning Me) Suzanne said dont worry about him , hes fine with it arent you paul? i just said yh dont mind me , we arrived at our room and went in , i opened the balcony and light up a cig ,i looked back and he was lay on the bed and Suzanne was sat on top of him kissing , she pulled of his t shirt and started kissing his ripped up body , she started kissing down until she got to his jeans , she started to unbuckle his belt , Suzanne was on her knees at the end the bed he stood up and took off his jeans and boxers , his cock was huge ,atleast 9-10 inches Suzanne started kissing it and the put it in her mouth , i caught eye contact with devon and i instantly looked away , i was starting to get hard , after a few minutes devon picked her up and pulled down her long tight dress and started sucking her 38d natural tits , he then pulled down her thongs and started playing with her ginger hairy pussy , he picked her up under her arms lay on his back and sat her on his face , he reached up and started playing with her drooping tits as she rid his face ,i was sat on the chair on the balcony rubbing my cock ,Suzanne turned to me and looked with her aroused face ,she crawled down his body and mounted his big cock and began to ride it hard , i could hear her moaning loud , her face was red and her forehead was sweating , they rolled over so they was in missionary , devon really started to pound her hair pussy hard , i could hear he moans getting louder and stronger , he pulled out his cock and she squirted all over his chest and cock , he leaned down and licked her pussy for a few seconds then slid his big cock back inside her , he was really pumping her hard now , even he was sweating and lightly moaning , he said im going to cum ,Suzanne squeezed his has ass cheeks and held him tightly , Devon Moaned loudly as he cummed deep inside Suzannes pussy , he lay inside her for a few minutes as they kissed , he pulled out and got in the shower , i walked into the room , Suzanne was lay on the bed exhausted with his huge load dripping out of her hairy pussy , she said know that wasnt that bad for you was it now , as she looked at the bulge in my shorts , she said we should do this another time ,,

Devon came back to our room for the next 4 nights in a row and fucked my wife hard , he had to leave a little earlier than us which was a shame for Suzanne ,, i started to love it , we agreed aslong as i knew and was there to watch she could have sex with another guy ,

Since arriving back at the uk , she has fucked a black guy of the internet in a travelodge , and im totaly hooked to cuckolding my wife to black guys , i love being humiliated by my wife and the black guys its greattt fun !!!
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1 year ago
lucky you
1 year ago
holidays are the best for this kinda thing aint they
2 years ago
Bring her to the states!
3 years ago
Wow what a story would have loved to see thin person maybe eat out herpussy when they got done thanks
3 years ago
think I'd have had to lick that cummy pussy all clean and his dick too after he filled her up!
3 years ago
Lucky wife
Lucky Black guy
Lucky you for allowing her to have BBcock