Caught Mum Having An Affair With Younger Guy Uk

(Hi I am 19-male-uk.....My Mum Is 48 female uk )she is about 5 ft8,slimmish,short red hair ,36d natural ,,,

Around this time of year me, my mum ,my dad and my younger b*****r usually go abroad , but my dad is over in Dubai at the moment on a big construction contract for up to 9 months ,
Me and My Mum was looking at holidays for a while for the 3 of us , Until her best friend phoned her up ,Her friend Vivian moved down to suffolk last year with her husband and k**s ,
After My mum explained to her about us looking for a holiday , Vivian asked my mum to come down to suffolk for a few days because they had not seen each other in ages ,My mum thought it was a good idea , i didnt really agree at first but i remembered Viv had 2 sons around my age , so i finally agreed and that weekend we packed our clothes and set off.
After a long drive we finally arrived around tea time , when we drove onto the drive way i was expecting a small house , but it was quite big and had alot of land , i was impressed . Vivian and her husband come to the front door to welcome us, we were shown our rooms , i had to stay in the back bedroom with my younger b*****r in a single bed each and my mum got to stay in a room to herself,
After we had eaten we all went up to bed because we were knackered from the drive

I woke up in the morning and got dressed and me and Vivians son Kyle who is my age
went around his land on his quad bike just having a laugh ,when we got back Kyles older b*****r Danny who is 24 was stood outside on the phone , i spoke to him for a while , he had changed a lot , he had gone quite muscular and a little tanned,
Anyway that night My Mum ,Danny ,vivian and her husband mike all went out for a drink , and left me and kyle at home just to chill out and mind my younger b*****r , me and kyle had a few beers and just played on his x box for a while , once it got late i put my younger b*****r to bed .
It got to about 2.30 in the morning and kyle fell asl**p on me , and i could not sl**p so i started wondering around the house just having a noisy about ,
Finally a taxi arrived on the drive , all 4 of them got out looking pissed my mum and viv had hold of their heels wobbling up the drive , i ran up to my room and got in bed ,i couldnt be bothered with them all being d***k after about 10 mins mike and vivian came upstairs and went to bed , shortly after when i was just about to fall asl**p the back yard light came on , so i looked out the window and saw my mum stood outside with danny just having a cig and a glass of wine , few minutes later my mum nearly fell on her face but danny caught her just in time , he sat her down on the bench and sat next to her , he started getting a bit closer then they started kissing for about 10 seconds then my mum pulled away ,he carried on trying and put his hand on her leg , they started kissing agian shortly after , but this time they didnt stop ,i was gobsmacked he started putting his hand further up the side of her leg and up her dress ,then my mum suddenly stopped said something then they walked off into the barn , about 30 minutes later the light came back on , and my mum and danny both walked back in the house , i heard my mum walking upstairs , so i jumped in bed and pretended to be asl**p ,i lay there rock hard thinking about that they got up to until i finally fell asl**p .

The next day we all went down for breakfast , danny had gone to the gym. At the table i kept looking at my mum and felt really akward ,when she was on her own later that day i was going to say something but i couldnt ,i was to embaressed .

A few hours later danny took me and kyle into town and got us mcdonalds it was the most akward car journey ever , but i held it back , he looked asif nothing ever happened, when we got back my mum and vivian were getting dressed to go out agian ,there taxi arrived and they went out , me,mike,danny,kyle and my younger b*****r just stayed in watched a film and chilled out ,mike-kyle and my b*****r all went to bed about 12ish , and me and danny stayed downstairs watching tv , it was proper akward ,danny said he was going to pop to his mates a minute to get a few films and asked me did i want to come , i said no im goin to bed mate , he got in his car and set off ,
i sat there once he had gone and knew he was gonna try something with my mum again but i didnt know what , all i could think about is what they got upto last night , a taxi pulled onto the drive i got my trainers and ran out the back and hid behind the back of the barn ,my mum and vivian walked in the house , and i just stood there and waited , about 10 minutes later danny pulled up in his car and went into the house , round the back of the barn were some ladders so i climbed up and jumped over and lay ontop of the huge hay stacks quite high up,

I waited for about 30 minutes , i was really bored and wondered had they just gone to bed , i was going to call it a day ,until the back light came on and danny started walking over to the barn on his own , i lay flat on my stomach and kept really quiet ,he pulled out his phone and must of sent a text , 2 minutes later my mum came wobbling over pissed again ,with a smile on her face she walked in the barn and they both started kissing , it was quite dark but i could see them clear enough ,, he put his hand up her dress and started playing with her ,i could hear her moaning abit ,she took her knickers of and got on her knees , i wanted to stop it right there but i froze and just carried on watching
i could hear her sucking his cock ,and him moaning abit himself, he picked her up put her on the bundle of hay on her back and licked her for a short while then put his cock inside her , i could see his silloette really pounding her ,i could hear her moaning gettin louder , he started getting abit rough with her saying stuff like you love it dont you you little slut , he pulled out grabbed her and bent her over the bundle of hay ,pulled her dress right up and started fucking her agian ,he grabbed the back of her neck with 2 hands and started going dead hard , saying stuff like you love it dont you you slut ,, do you love it more than your husbands and he was making her say yes louder when she replied, he pounded her as hard as he could , i heard my mum say tell me when your going to cum , he pumped her hard and then f***ed her down and cummed inside her ,she said i told you not to cum inside me , he said yh well thats what you get for being a slut , he told her to clean herslef up and walked off ,, my mum got a tissue out of her bag and wiped her pussy ,she put her knickers on and sat down and started to cry , i felt bad at first but it was her own fault, she wiped her eyes and went back inside ,
i lay right on top of the hay on my back and wanked hard over what i had just seen , once i cummed i felt really bad then and also abit wierd ,

the next day we packed and went home , when we arrived home the next day she went to the clinic and said to me she has got bad migraines ,, whatever i knew to well what it was for but i was happy she did anyway
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Give me your address so I can fuck her
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very hot
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This is a great love story thanks
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very good
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Good story.
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That´s a good mom lover story.