Watching Mum at Caravan In wales


Recently My Mum has been abit Low on money and the bills keep piling in , and she had been quite stressed the passed few weeks ,
Normally we go on holiday abroad this time of year , But due to her money problems we have not been ,

My auntie phoned my mum up and asked her to come down to wales for a few days in the caravan just to get away from evrything ,her friend had a spare caravan for a few weeks and agreed to let us stay and told us the weather was great.
she asked me to come , i wasnt to sure at first but then i decided to go anyway ,

the next morning we arrived at the caravan site ,pulled up at their caravan and My auntie and my 2 cousins kyle and alex came out to say hello , we all sat down had a drink and my auntie debbie said why dont you 3 lads go and stay in her friends caravan ,just to give my mum her own bed and a break from us all,
so we got all our stuff and went to the caravan just a few down from theirs.

Kyle who is the same age as me (16) asked me do i want to go fishing for abit , so i said yh , so me kyle and alex who is 11 went down to the river and started fishing , after about 2 hours we was really bored so we decided to pack up and go back to the caravan
when we got there My mum and auntie were sat outside having a BBQ with a few of her friends and a few guys , we sat down had abit to eat and drink and just chilled out.
few minutes later a young chavvy lookin guy walked over and kissed my auntie on the lips grabbed a beer and sat down.
me and kyle walked down to the arcade and i asked him who the fuck was that , kyle replied ohh its sort of my mums boyfriend , i said no way and started laughing , he told me he heard them shagging last night ,i said your joking hes only about 20 or something , kyle said i swear down i did, i wouldnt lie , so i i had to believe him and just laughed.

we went back to the caravan when it was getting dark and sat in the living room area and my aunties boyfriend called kev walked in and sat down with us and started chatting , he was alright actually he seemed abit pissed though ,
My mum and auntie came inside once everyone had gone and we all had a few drinks
It was gettin quite late and my auntie was pissed and started being loud and daft about 10 minutes later one of kevs mates walked in with a big crate of beer and sat down , he looked about 20 at the most. Once kevs mate arrived kev started to be a bit of a dick with us, saying to kyle , right kyle when are you both going me and your mum are going to bed soon ,even his mum was saying it to us , so we both stole a few beers and went back to our caravan , we put alex to bed and just sat up watching tv with a few beers.

It was getting late now , kyle had fell asl**p and i was about too myself until i thought of kevs mate trying it on with my mum , so i put my trainers on and sneaked round the back of the caravans till i got to my aunties , i peeked through the main window and saw kevs mate sat on the sofa with my mum with his arm around her trying to chat her up , after a while he give up and went to my aunties bedroom , about 2 minutes later my fat auntie walked out on her own and started convincing my mum to sl**p with him .. i heard her sayin hes a nice lad and stuff , anyway my auntie went back to her room and kevs mate came back in and sat back down next to her , they started kissing for about 10 seconds then my mum stopped and said , whatever happens ,dont mention it to anybody , he promised and they started kissing again , he put his hands down her leggings and started playing with her after a few minutes he grabbed her hand and put it on his cock over his tracky bottoms and said are you gonna suck it for me ,

My mum got his cock out and started wanking him while they were kissing then began to suck him off , few minutes into it , he stood up and pulled my mums leggings and thongs off and put his cock inside her he started pounding away for about 5 minutes then he pulled out and then cummed on the floor , pulled his pants up and said sorry about that i coudnt help it , then went to walk out , so i dived under the caravan and hid.

i got back up and looked through the window agian,
my mum put her thongs back on sat back down and started drinking her glass of wine , moments later my auntie walked in , in her dressing gown and went to tap and got a glass of water and said where the fucks he gone , did you even end up doing it ? my mum replied yh we did but he lasted about 2 minutes and ran away , my auntie started laughing and said no way ,then kev walked in , in his boxers wiping his eyes beacuse he just woke up , whats all this noise about he said ,, my auntie replied your mate carl lasted 2 minutes with her and ran off ,,,he looked at my mum and said your joking ,my auntie said ,kev why dont you show her how it really done , kev replied are you sure you are both ok with this , my auntie said yh ,im going back to bed now dont make too much noise and walked away laughing ,,, kev sat down next to my mum in his boxers then he said are you sure your ok with this to my mum and she said if its ok with debbie then its ok with me , they started kissing ,he put is hand on the inside of her leg and started kissing down her body until he got to her pussy , he pulled of her thongs and started licking her hairy pussy after a while my mum grabbed his head , i could tell she was loving it , she reached climaxed and pushed his head away and told him to stand up ,he stood infront of her on the sofa as she sat down , she pulled his boxers down ,OMG he had a huge cut cock atleast 9 inches ,
she started sucking his big cock , he pulled her t shirt off and undid her bra she carried on sucking him ,he stopped pushed her down onto her back licked her pussy for a few seconds then put his big cock inside her , he started ramming her hard then she got ontop grabbed hold of the back of the sofa and start riding him good , i could hear her moaning loudly , he jumped up bent her over on the sofa and started going for it in doggy , pounding her as hard as he could after about5 mins my he pulled out and said get on your knees, get on your knees my mum umped on her knees and he blew his load in her mouth , this is when i blew my load all over the side of the caravan , just looking at her dripping in sweat with cum all over her mouth sent me wild,, i walked off and lay in bed thinking about it for hours , the next day was really weird and i think they got up to the same thing the next night , i could not see beacuse they were in the bedrooms with the curtains closed ...
who knows what they got up to , maybe a 3 some ,,,,my mum is 5 ft 8, slimmish,short red hair ,36d , quite tanned, hairy, my auntie is quite fat , brown hair , quite tanned , huge tits , thats all i know

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3 years ago
Need to see pictures of your auntie and mujm soon thanks
3 years ago
you should give her a good seeing to also
3 years ago
good story keep writing
3 years ago
I would have walked in and been like " hell let me get innon this"!
3 years ago
I enjoyed this, keep writing.
3 years ago
not bad keep working on it