Shagging My Auntie On Holiday

I am 19 m uk

This Happened Last summer So i was 18 at the time ,,

Last Year I went on Holiday with my auntie and cousin who is my age , so he wasnt alone ,
We went to spain for 10 days in a decent sized villa ,
In the day time me and my cousin sean would just mess about in the pool having a laugh while my auntie just relaxed and read her book ,
At night me and sean would go to the local town drinking ,looking for a few girls and just having a laugh , and my auntie liz would stay in or go out herself ,,
The 4th day we was there me and sean were having a laugh in the pool , seeing who could dive the best , i went first did a decent dive and waited in the pool for him to ,
On his run up he slipped on the tiles and was screaming in pain , so i jumped out straight away and my auntie ran over also ,as we got to him he was holding his ankle , he took his hand of and it was completely broken ,
Omg it was horrible , we rushed him to hospital and spent the day there with him , that night the doctor said sean would have to stay in hospital for a few more nights , while they asess and under go the operation ,
The next day me and Liz(my auntie) spent a few hours by the pool and then went to
have a look around the town center ,
we got back about 5 pm had a shower and got changed to go for a meal ,
we shared a bottle of wine , wich i didnt even like she drank most of it then once we had eaten out meal we went to bar down the road from our villa and had a further 2 or 3 drinks ,i was pretty d***k and but really bored , we walked to the spa and got sum bottles of water and a few more beers for the villa and walked back ,
we sat in the living room for about an hour just chatting and having a laugh with a few drinks ,
Then Because my Auntie is Fair skinned , her shoulder were burnt , so she asked me to rub sum after sun on them , so i agreed .

i stood behind the sofa she was sat on and started to rub it in ,she pulled down her straps for her vest and bra , then she said rub a little lower , so i started rubbing just above her breasts,
she then grabbed my right hand and put it down her bra ,
i went bright red straight away , she leaned back and looked up at me and smiled , i didnt pull out , i was too scared in a way ,, i then started to get into it putting both my hands on her massive tits and squeezing her nipples , she pushed the back of her head in to my crotch which was already rock hard by now ,
she pulled of turned around with her knees on the sofa facing me , and just pulled my shorts down , i was rock hard , she started to wank my cock then finally put it in her mouth ,, OMG it was great , after a few minutes she stood up grabbed my cock and walked me round the sofa .
we stood up together kissing as she wanked my cock , she grabbed my hand and aimed it toward her pants , soi put my hand down her white linen pants and started rubbing her wet hairy pussy , she took my t shirt off, (i was completely nude at this point )i pulled her vest top of and undid her bra (she is quite fat but her tits are huge)
we carried on kissing then she pulled down her linen pants and white thongs , her pussy was really hairy but i didnt care , she lay on her back on the sofa and i crouched down to my knees and began to lick her fat hairy pussy ,
she grabbed my head and wash pushing it into her pussy , hair was going in my mouth but i was that horny i didnt even care, she started shaking her body and moaning then she pulled my head away , and said lets go up stairs ,
she grabbed me by the cock and marched me up the stairs , she turned the light on and just threw me on the double bed , she leaned over and started sucking my hard cock then she mounted me , she aimed my cock into her fat pussy and started riding me , i started pounding her back from underneath , driving my big cock into her loose pussy ,
after a few minites she crawled up me and sat on my face for a few seconds ,
she got off and grabbed the bed post on all fours , i got behind her and put my cock inside her and started really going for it , i was bright red dripping in sweat after about 5 minutes , she lay on her back in missionary began to lick her pussy before i entered her agian , i was fucking her as hard as i could at this point , my cock deep inside her , just looking into her eyes as i fucked her made me feel like i was gonna cum , i smashed her hard then i was gonna blow , she told me to pull out , so i pulled my cock out and just blew my load all over her pussy and huge tits , after that i was drained i just collapsed next to her and fell asl**p ,,,
I woke up in the morning , lay next to her both fully nude she was fast asl**p ,i had to have more off that pussy , i got under the sheets and started licking her fat hairy pussy , she must of woken up and put her hand on my head over the sheets and started forcing my mouth into her pussy , she started moaning then after about 10 mins , she fully climaxed in my mouth ,, she got out of bed and got in the shower , that evening when we went for somethig to eat , she said last night was great the best sex she has ever had , but we cant carry on with this , she said sean is out in the morning , we have had out fun now lets keep it that way and never mention this to anyone ,, i agreed,,, but still feel for her to this day

my aunte liz , was 41 at the time , she may have been fat and fair skinned but omg was that the best sex in my life , im addicted to eating hairy bbw pussy now ,,,
81% (39/9)
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5 months ago
Wow awesome story! When I was 14 I went with my aunt and uncle to the beach.they had a motorhome and it was close to the beach. The last day there my uncle went golfing and she and I went to the beach. I was mostly in the water and she was mostly drinking wine. What happened next was I stepped on something and cut my foot. My aunt helped me or I think I helped her back to the coach. I too off my wet suit and put on shorts, she put a robe on. She started to wash out the wound and wrap it but she couldn't do she was so drunk and she was still drinking. I finished it up and went outside talking to some girl for about a hour then she left. I went back in and I was floored my aunt was on her bed out like a light with the robe opened up.she was so drunk and out of it. It was the first time is ever saw pussy. I tried to wake her then I thought I'd look close then I touched her then I thought maybe lick her. It was amazing! I even finger her. I came all over her stomach . The best sex I never finished. There's more to it
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
lucky you......
3 years ago
Great story just had to jack offntwice thanks
3 years ago
very good,,need to tell us more of the times and some pics of her would be great
3 years ago