Watching My Slut Mum

hi im 18/male/uk

The past Couple of weekends my mum has started going out on friday nights and not coming home till early hours in the morning ... I asked her where she goes and she replied just for a few drinks in town with her friends ,I didnt think nothing of it until 1 night i heard a loud car come up my avenue and then pull up , i looked out the window and saw my mum get out of the car ,there was 2 young looking guys in tracksuits and one had a cap on , they drove off and my mum come in the house , i went back to my room and went to sl**p without mentioning anything to her ,

The friday after after she got ready and phoned her taxi, so i decided i was going to spy on her ,see what she was really up . once the taxi arrived i waited till it left my avenue then ran out to my car and sped after it, then i just kept my distance , she pulled up at the shop and got a bottle of wine and sum other stuff.

the taxi drove off and i carried on following it for about 15 mins until it pulled outside a house , i pulled in quicky and turned my ignition off , she got out and walked towards the door , she knocked on and the young guy from the other night in the car answered, then she walked in .

I sat in my car for about 20 mins wanting to know what was she was up to ,after about 30 mins of biting my nails i decided to go and have a look round the back of the house , i walked down a little path at the side of the house until i came onto a playing field then squeezed threw sum bushes into the back garden , i crept upto sum bushes right near the patio doors and started looking threw ,inside the living room was my mum , and these 2 chavvy lads sat there all having a drink and laughing , i waited for about 25 mins and i was starting to get bored , then the guy sat next to her put his and on her leg and started kissing her , i coudnt belive my eyes , i never thought my 48 yr old mum would be even kissing a young guy like him .

Then the other guy with the cap on stood up and walked into the other room , this guy was still kissing my mum then things started getting abit more intimate ,the lad put his hand up my mums skirt and started to play with her , my mum then put her hand on his cock over his pants and started squeezing , the lad then stood up infront of my mum on the sofa and my mum pulled his pants and his boxers down , i was shocked , my mum then starts to wank him then put it in her mouth , the guy starts grabbing my mums head and pushing it down onto his cock,

few minutes later , the other guy with the cap on walks in the room ,and starts laughing he sits down facing them then finishes his beer while he rubbed his cock on his pants , he stood up walked over to my mum and pulled his pants down, she began to suck him while she wanked the other guy , he then pulled her t shirt off and undid her bra, my mum stopped sucking stood up and pulled down her skirt and took off her knickers , she got on the sofa in doggy leaning on the arm and started to suck the guy with the cap on , the other guy then got took his top off and got behind her and started lickin her from behind .

2 mins after he stood up and got a condom out his draw , put it on and put his big cock inside her , he started to fuck her pretty hard as the ohter guy grabbed her hair and was forcin her down on his cock , few mins later the guy who was gettin sucked , stopped and got another beer and sat down playin with his cock , my mum then got ontop of the guy and started to fuck him .after about 10 mins the guy stopped and went into the kitchen to get a beer , then the guy with the cap on put a condom on and started to fuck her, the other guy then came back about 10 mins after and started to get his cock sucked , shortly after my mum stood up and got down on her knees ,

both the guys took their condoms off and were gettin sucked ,then the guy with the cap on cummed first he cummed in her mouth and on her face , he sat down and she began to suck the other guy until he did the same , by this point i cummed myself just over watching ,

i slipped off back to my car and drove home i coudnt help thinking about it all night ,i never mentioned to my mum what i saw that night , id rathe keep it quite to save arguing and trouble ,

MY mum is called suzzane she is about 5 ft 8 , quite slim , short redhair, quite tanned ,36d .... i would never have dreamed she was that slutty at her age ,the 2 guys who she fucked serioulsy looked about 19-20 if that , she is 48 for fuck sake ...... thanks for reading

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3 years ago
You have no shame but nither dose your mum you should try and get together it might be very erotic mum and son thanks
3 years ago
i would take some pictures. then some of mum
3 years ago
love your stores hope you got to fuck your mom wish i could
3 years ago
You little pervert you, lol. Good fun read, hope it's real?
3 years ago
is this factual?