Watching Mum On Holiday


Im 18 m uk ......My Mum is 48 f uk

I have just recently been on holiday to Spain ,with my mum and my younger b*****r
we went for 10 days ,
On about the 3rd night my younger b*****r who is 10 made a few friends a went off playing in the games room ,
i would sit with my mum in the outdoor bar area ,where there is live music and other stuff,just have a few drinks and relax
the next night i met a guy who was 19 ,we just had a few games of pool and a few beers, when it got abit late my mate went up to his room ,so i went back to the bar to get my room key of my mum ,as i walked over i noticed she was sat with a guy not much older than me he looked about 25, i walked over sat down and my mum introduced me to him , i got a drink and began talking with them , the guy was on holiday on his own because he split up with his girlfriend and she left 5 days early,,,after about 30 minutes me and my mum went up to our rooms,,
The next night after i had been with my mate , i was just about to walk over to my mum then i noticed the guy was sat with her again ,they ordered 2 drinks and stood up and started walking down towards the beach ,so i followed them down to make sure he didnt try anything , they sat on sum sun beds and started talking , after about 5 minutes they started kissing,he put his hand on the inside of my mums leg and started to go higher ,i was going to walk over and interupt them but they stood up and started walking back up to the hotel holding hands..
i went up to my room about 20 minutes after and my younger b*****r was asl**p ,i went onto my balcony for a cig before i went to bed and didnt even have a lighter so i leaned over to my mums balcony which was right next door, and i saw the guy eating my mums pussy on the bed , i was angry a fuck , but the longer i watched it sort of turned me on , after a while he leaned up took his t shirt of and undid his shorts then got lay back on the bed with just his white boxers on ,they started kissing agian and my mum put her hand on his cock over his boxers, by this time i was rock hard and started rubbing my own cock ,,,my mum then pulled his boxers down and grabbed his cock which was huge (must of been 9 inch) my mum started sucking his cock ,he put his hand on her head and started pushing it further down , my mum then started kissing up his body while wanking him off they started kissing then my mum sat on top of him and aimed his cock into her pussy and began to ride him slowly ,then they started going faster and harder , the guy sort of threw my mum off him , then she got on all fours he bent over and licked her pussy for a few seconds then began to fuck her again proper hard they fucked like this for about 10 minutes then they went into missionary ,i was ready to explode by this point but didnt want to ruin it ,they carried on fucking in missionary he really going for it ,my mum looked like she was loving it then suddenly he pulled out stood up my mum got on her knees and he blew his load all over her face, thats when i exploded all over the balcony wall ,,, the guy just collapsed on the bed,, my mum went in the bathroom to clean her up then went back to bed and they turned the light off...

I know its my mum but it was the hottest thing ever , once i cummed though i realised i had just wanked over a 25yr old fucking my mum and felt abit wierd ,,

My Mum is 48 f uk , shes about 5 ft 8 ,short red hair , quite slim ,tanned , 36d tits ,she had a trimmed pussy like a triangle at the time
92% (32/3)
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3 years ago
3 years ago
good story what a turn on
3 years ago
Well it was worth jacking off again thanks for a erotic story
3 years ago
maybe you should get some of her too
3 years ago
Wow, quite an experience. Got to feel a bit weird.... but good! Yeah a pic would be good :o)
3 years ago
wow....wish i were u'r real brother and we cud discuss this and explore u'r mom's adventuresome nature... lucky guy u r :)
3 years ago
how about a pic of your mum