Double trouble with older guys ( gay)

I'm Kyle 17 m uk

I'm 5 ft 10 , slim toned , I have dark brown hair , brown eyes and have a pretty dark tan

Ive Got a 7.5 uncut cock , and trimmed pubes with a smooth ass hole .

I've always had a thing for older guys it just turns me on knowing how old they are compared to me .

I'm bottom and like to be treated abit rough and told what to do , I have met a couple of older guys in the past some just to give them blow-jobs because I can deepthroat or some to fuck me .

Not long ago my mum and her new boyfriend went on holiday for a week leaving me the house to myself .

One afternoon I was really horny I was on my mums double bed butt naked with my dildo camming with older guys , i was being a cam slave for them '

After about an hour on cam a guy popped up and I started camming with him as he wanke his big cock telling me what to do
He asked for my number so he could speak to me while i cammed

We were speaking really dirty to each other he was calling me a nasty little fucker
He asked me if I had ever been with 2 guys at once and I said no

He said do you want to ?
I said yh Ive thought about it

He then said how about you come to my house and me and my mate give you a good fucking

I told him that my mum had gone on holiday for the week

He said even better then do u want us to come then it will be great

I thought about it and said yes I'm the end I gave them the address and they said they would phone me when they were near

I sat on the bed rock hard thinking about what I'd just let my self in for

I didn't even know what the other guy looked like
I was really nervous with all sorts of things runnin through my head

A minute later my phone rang I answered and it was him

He said they was on the way and said do you want to speak to my mate so I said yes

They were in the car driving as he spoke to me

His mate was askin me stuff like so what are we gonna e doing when we get there

I said anything you want he was turning me on saying he's going to fuck me hard

He then said right I think we are here , I looked out the window and saw a car pull up on my avenue

My heart started racing , 2 middle aged guys got out of the car one bald with glasses and the other had really short hair

I threw on sum boxers and answered the door

I let them in and closed the door behind them

The one with glasses was called Ross and the other mark

Ross said ' so shall we go upstairs then

I walked up the stairs really nervous an sat on my mums bed

They took off their coats and said right get them boxers off then

I stripped off in front of them abut scared to be honest

Thy said right get on your knees so I did

They stood I front of me and stripped off fully naked

Ross had a 9 inch uncut cock but pretty thin and mark had a 7 inch cut cock but really fat

I began sucking Ross off as I wanked mark

Taking turns on them both

They grabbed my head an started rammin the cock deep in my mouth making me gag

They bent me over and mark spat on my arse and began to finger me as Ross carried on fucking my throat gaggin me hard i was choking quite bad he was saying you love it don't you you little slut

Mark drove his fat cock in my arse and began fucking me hard

Ross told me to lick his arse and rammed his arse in my face

Mark began spanking me hard it was hurting badly

Ross and mark swapped over both of them fucking my holes really hard

I couldnt breathe and was gasping for air as my arse was gettin rammed hard

They continued to fuck me swapping over for about 20 minutes

They said right get on your fucking knees

They both stood in front of me takin turns fucking my mouth

They said right ur gonna drink every drop of our cu

Ross cammed on my mouth it didnt even taste nice he made me keep my mouth open then mark cammed inside my mouth
It Tasted bad to be honest but they made me swallow it
I closed my eyes and just took it back in one

I carried on sucking them off until hey went floppy then they got dressed and left

I lay on the bed feeling abused and worthless but I loved it

Sorry I had to rush it about at the end

94% (26/2)
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11 months ago
Great story and there is nothing more exciting than being dominated by 2 or more men, to be controlled by them, to be thought of being nothing but a receptacle for their hot cum is what turns me on the most.
1 year ago
you got me horny
1 year ago
i would love to be used like hot
2 years ago
Nice story I liked it .
2 years ago
Well Done.
2 years ago
Hot story
2 years ago
Shit happens. Pretty dangerous actually, must have been very exciting. Did YOU ever cum?
2 years ago
i loved your storie wear is chapter 2