My Mum And New Lover

I'm Kyle

About 8 months ago my mum and dad split up and my dad moved out .

3 months ago my nana who lives in Cheshire sadly passed away and left her house and money to my mum in her will .

My nana was very wealthy and had a huge house and too my mums surprise she was given a huge sum of money , her Mercedes convertible car and her belongings .

After the funeral and everything my mum decided we moved down to Cheshire and lived in my nanas huge house .

Within a few weeks we had moved in and sorted everything out , my mum quit work due to the amount of money she had inherited .
Me and my mum felt like millionaires we was living in a 6 bedroom house with a double garage and over an acre of land .
My mum had the convertible Mercedes aswell .

I was bought basically everything I wanted , my mum went shopping mad she spent thousands on clothes , heels and jewellery .
My mum had botox injections and even got a boob job , she already had big tits but now had massive 34 e .

My mum is called Debbie , she is 46 years old , she is about 5 ft 6 quite slim and petite , she has short blonde hair ( bob style) and blue eyes , shes very tanned and rather attractive for her age .
Her 34 e tits looked huge on her small body .

Although it was my mum just looking at her tits throughout the day made me so horny , she looked like an older model or even a porn star .
She always dressed quite trendy and sexy in the past but she started to dress asif she was 21 .

She wore small skirts , hot tiny dresses and sexy leggings , she must have bought 30 new pairs of huge expensive heels which to be honest made her look super hot she didn't look a day over 30 .

It was abit awkward in public when I was with her when guys are all staring and builders whistling at her but I didn't mind really .

My mum met a guy called chris who lived just up the road , he had a big house and a Bentley sports car
He was 30 years old was a pretty good looking guy.

My mum invited him over a few times and they just chatted and had a bottle of wine . He seemed a decent guy and I didn't mind him dating my mum .

One afternoon I had been out on my motorbike when I got back I parked up my bike and went inside I was bursting for a piss so I ran upstairs and as I got to the top of the stairs there on the bed was chris ontop of my mum fucking in missionary position both completely naked .

The second I got to the top of the stairs they both looked right at me I turned away and closed her bedroom door then said " that's what doors are for ".
I sat in my room an became a little aroused thinking about them together , they stayed quite for about 10 minutes until I started to hear the bed and my mum quietly moaning ,
It made me so hard as I stood at my door listening down the hall .

After about 20 minutes I heard her door open as I lay on my bed .
She opened my door in a white bath robe the second she looked at me she started giggling abit
I smiled and said " it's not funny mum " as she continued to smile she said I'm sorry you had to see that .
" I said I'm only joking I'm not bothered but next time close the bl**dy door and laughed .
" she said ok It won't happen again " an went back to her room .

About 30 mins later I walked out of my ro to go down for a drink and Chris walked out of the bathroom with just his white Calvin Klein boxers on with a rather big bulge .
His body was proper ripped and toned I said " fucking hell Chris how many sit ups do you do a day about a thousand " he laughed and I try to keep in shape yh and walked into my mums room .

Now he and my mum knew I was ok with them being together he was over at the house a lot and most nights my mum would stay over at his house probably fucking like rabbits all night .

One night when my mum was over at Chris's house , I had he house to myself I wanking away over some mild porn when I found a video of ( lady Sonia ) and apart from the hair colour they looked pretty much alike especially the big amazing tits .

I stood up and went into my mums room and began rooting through he knicker draws , she had so many hot things , g string and French knickers in the bottom draw I found a pink vibrator which I found so hot .

I stopped and thought about her and Chris shagging , in my head i said fuck it I'm going round to Chris's to see what there upto.
I got ready and walked up the road until I got near his garden I climbed over the wall and went around the back in his huge garden .

He had a huge sliding patio door at the back I sneaked up and looked inside
My mum and Chris were lay on his big designer sofa on a fur blanket .

They were lay cuddling watching tv with a glass of red wine as his big posh fire burnt and flickered in the room .
They were both dressed up smart as they had been out for a meal and drinks
He was wearing a white shirt and pants and my mum was wearing a sexy black dress which made her tits look amazing and sum big black liboutin heels .

I sat and watched them for about 30 minutes and started to get really bored , just as I was about to go they began kissing as they cuddled .
Just over seein them Kiss it made my cock hard .

Chris hand wandered onto my mums leg and began its way up the inside of her thigh as he did my mum opened her legs wide revealing her little black thong

He began to rub over her thing before going up then down inside her thong I could see his hand rubbing her pussy as they passionately kissed
My mum put her hand on his bulging crotch and began to squeeze and rub

I got my cock out as I hid behind a a bush an started wanking hard

Thy stopped and my mum stood up I thought they was going to go upstairs but she turned her back to him directly facing me as he unzipped her dress

Down it fell first exposing her amazing firm tits as she wasn't wearing a bra , then her black skimpy thong , she stood out of her dress and Chris began biting and kissing her gorgeous tanned arse

She crawled back on the sofa on all fours showing me her hot arse in her thong
She unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock

Holy shit it looked about 9 inches and really thick
My mum began wanking it before putting it in her mouth
Wow I'm stood watching my mum suck a big cock right in front of me I nearly commend.

After abit he stood up and dropped his pants , my mum started sucking his cock Agian as he unbuttoned his shirt
I now had the side on view
My mum was taking his big fat cock nearly half way down as he run his hands through her hair

The look on his face told me the blowjob was amazing

All of a sudden he stopped pushed her back kneeled down and pulled her thong right off as she smiled.

He began eating her pussy asif he was addicted to it
She played with her big tits as he ate her bald cunt

He lay on his back an they got into the 69 position it looked so hot

After a good 5 minutes of breathtaking oral she turned around and sat on his cock on cowgirl

I could clearly see his cock sliding in and out of my mums hot pussy
He was squeezing and playing with her tits

She was riding his cock hard grinding her hips on his cock

They were both sweating especially Chris's ripped chest glowing in the glimmer of the fireplace

My mum got into doggy still with her hot heels on
He bent down and licked her cunt an arse hole before sliding his big cock back in her wet open pussy
As he fucked her hard he slid his thumb into her tight arsehole
After around 5 mins he pulled out of her cunt and began lickin her arsehole as he wanked

He aimed his cock into her arse slowly and pushed it in bit by bit
After a few minutes he had picked up rhythm and was fucking her arse hard and deep as she rubbed her cunt hard .
He gave her the odd hard spank as he really pounded my mum
He was dripping with sweat and he looked angry as he pumped her
My mum began cumming hard and squirted her juices on his cock and on the sofa

He pulled out my mum turned around abit weak at the knees and began to taste her juices of his cock
She lay on her back and he slid it back into her arse in missionary
Agian he pumped hard and deep as my mum carried on rubbing her cunt vigourasly

Soon after he pulled out my mum leaned up and wanked him hard until he chummed hard all over my mums stomach, tits and face, his load was huge .

He grabbed his cock and wiped her cum covere tits with it before putting it in my mums mouth
She sucked him off for a little while them stood up and kicked her heels off

She looked like a slut , dripping with sweat and covered in cum with abit of smeared mascara under her eyes
Her arse hole was gaping abit and she had 2 red raw cheeks where he's spanked her

They walked upstairs probably to get a shower
I left and went home

I cummed hard when Chris cummed by the way

I regularly watch them together and wank over how much of a secret slut she is

I also imagine her fucking pornstars and other guys and I love to see her have a gangbang with about 6 guys with huge cocks and treat her like. Total slut it turns me on so much

Thanks for reading
Please leave a comment about what you would do with my mum if you was her lover ;)

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1 year ago
that is a very hot story....I hope she was wearing a Rolex or Cartier timepiece....
2 years ago
loved it! Your mommy is a rich slut and she got what she deserved
2 years ago
amazing i would love the chance to be one of these young guys fucking your mum..i would give her so much anal and cum in her ass and spanking!
2 years ago
stopped reading at botox and boob job. just kills the sexiness for me.
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago