Catching Mum Having An Affair On Holiday

I'm Kyle


My Mum Is Called Debbie , she is 48 years old she is about 5 ft 7 ,slim decent figure she has blonde hair and natural 38d tits

This is how I caught her cheating on my dad on holiday ......

Recently my dads been working away a lot and a few weeks back he had to fly over to dubia for a week or 2 with work

They have also been arguing a lot more when my dad is actually home.

When my dad went to dubia my mum suggested we went on holiday ourselves , just me my mum and my younger b*****r

My mum booked the holiday just 7 nights in Turkey We Got The Deal Pretty Cheap .

I think my mum just needed a break from evrything and me and my b*****r were just happy to go on holiday .

We relaxed by the pool most days and me and my b*o just fooled around in the pool and had a laugh.

My mum would sunbathe by the pool topless like a few other women by the pool.

As she sat reading her book with her sunglasses on I could see loads of guys eyeing her up when I was in the pool .

Even I had a good look at her big tits , for her age she really has got a nice body .

That evening we went up to our rooms to get changed for the night .

Me and my b*****r were ready and showered quite quickly then we waited for my mum who was nextdoor

When she was finally ready she walked down to the resteraunt with us

She was wearing a sexy blue dress which was quite short and revealing she had platform heels on and I could see her thong through her dress as I walked behind her .

After the meal we had a walk down the waterfront then went back to the hotel outdoor bar where there was live music .

After about an hour a guy walked over who my mum spoke to earlier in the day

He come over and said "mind if I join you guys "

My mum said yh that's fine sit down , he got us all a drink and started chatting away mostly with my mum

He was tall ,quite stocky\muscular and had a bald head .

Me and my b*****r were bored so we went to the games room and had a few games of pool and left them to it

We came back a while later and it was gettin pretty late

We sat back down and they were still chatting away and had had a few more drinks each ,

We sat with them for a while and my mum suggested I took my little b*****r up to bed ,

I said yh ok I feel abit tired myself so I mite get an earlynight myself

I wasn't tired but I just didn't want to sit with them. , I took my b*o up to bed and sat on the balcony for a while with a few beers from the fridge

At about 2 o'clock in the mornin I heard my mums door close next door

I leaned over the balcony and to my suprise the guy was in the room with her

All sort of things was running through my head , I knew exactly what they was gonna be doing

They put there drinks down on the side and started kissing stood up .

His hands ran down her back and then he squeezed her peachy bum

My mum lay down on the bed smiling at him he walked over and picked up her feet and started taking her heels off

He threw them on the floor and began to suck and lick my mums toes and feet

He crouched down and began to kiss all the way from her feet up her leg he stopped and took off his shirt revealing his big muscly body

he grabbed hold of my mums skimpy thong and slowly took it of her

He started to lick all the way up her leg until he reached her clean shaven pussy

He began to lick my mums pussy like an expert , by the look on my mums face he really knew what to do

I became hard myself and carried on watching in amazement

He ate her pussy for about 15 minutes and she looked really horny

She sat up and pulled her dress fully off , she was now fully nude she grabbed his pants and undid his button

She kneeled down infront of him and pulled down his pants and boxers

To both our amazement outpopped his huge cock , it was seriously about 9-10 inches and quite thick

My mum was amazed and started to wank it , it was rock hard

My mum started to suck his big cock the best she could

It was so hot seeing my own mum sucking a huge cock I started to wank off hard

She looked pretty good at it taking it quite deep .

He sat on the end of the bed and she carried on sucking his length

He told her to put her huge tits around his cock while she sucked then he got her on the bed

They got in the 69 position , my mum was ontop sitting on his face as she sucked him .

After about 10 minutes of hot oral my mum flipped around and sat on his cock

She slowly aimed it into her soaking pussy and pushed down

A couple of minutes later she had picked up a rhtym and was riding him good

I could hear her maoning through the thin patio windows

He played and squeezed her big natural tits as she worked his cock

Every so often he would prop his legs up and pump her as fast as he could from underneath

They were both dripping in sweat and my mums moans were getting more loud and freuqent

They rolled over and my mum got on all fours he put his cock back in her started pumping her

My mums moans were so hot , she was loving it , saying " yh that's it ""go on "

He grabbed hold of her hips and really started thrusting her as her big saggy tits drooped down and bounced about

after say 10 minutes they went into missionary

My mum grabbed his back and arse cheeks as he plunged his iron rod deep into her dripping cunt

They were kissing passionatly as they fucked hard

He put her legs over his shoulders and really thrusted her , my mum was in heaven screaming and moaning like a whore

He pulled out quickly , my mum leaned up and he began to blow his huge load all over my mums sweating face and tits

She opened her mouth wide like a total slut and looked asif she enjoyed the taste she carried on sucking his big cock and wiping the cum on her tits with it then sucking it all back off

She got cleaned up and went back to bed with him and they both slept fully nude ,

They turned the light off and went to sl**p

The next morning I woke up pretty early and could hear moans coming from nextdoor and ran to the balcony but they had drew the curtians

I went back to bed and wanked hard over her moans

To be continued ....... Thanks for reading please leave a comment ;)

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very good
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v nice
2 years ago
good story would like to read more
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A bit short but good
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Nice...More please
2 years ago
Good story. Are any of your stories based on true or partial happenings?
2 years ago
awesome story I look forward to reading more of her