s****r Set Me Up

My s****r related to me a "rest of the story.." to one of the escapades we had while in high school. My s****r at times was pretty horny I did not realize it at the time being extremely horny myself. One weekend our parents were out of town and her best friend was spending the weekend at the house. Her friend Linda was 5'2" tall and chunky but had the biggest 38 DD tits. She never wore a bathing suit top just because they were not sturdy enough she always just wore a t-shirt. I had been jacking off to visions of her tits for the last two summers.

When my s****r told me the weekend schedule I thought this my be my chance to play with those near volleyballs. So Friday night I went and got pizza and brought it home Linda and Denae were watching TV and talking. As we ate we talked about what we would do. I didn't know but Danae was planning a surprise for me. Danae told me mom had said I couldn't go out this weekend because I needed to be home just in case. Perfect I thought maybe I can get at those tits all weekend. Now to be fair Danae had a nice 34 C set of tits. I looked at them quite of bit. Never thought about getting an opportunity to play with them or more.

After we ate we were watching TV Linda got up and said she wanted to get comfortable and she and Danae walked out of the living room. I waited a couple of minutes and went to my room. I could hear them talking a laughing in Danae's room. I pulled off my jeans and underwear and put on a set of gym shorts. Went back out to the living room. A few minutes later they came back out in t-shirts and panties. Oh my! My cock starting inching out of the resting position. I wasn't interested in TV anymore. Linda asked me if I had ever played command and I told her no. I didn't think I had ever even heard of the game. Danae brought out a deck of cards and they explained. We would each draw a card and high card would command the low card to do something. No matter what it was you had to do it or lose. I said ok what is off limits. Danae said nothing is off limits. So Linda dealt three cards and Linda had a Queen, Danae a 10 and I had a 3. Well shit I was thinking of what I was going to command them to do. So Linda says John I want you to pull your shorts down and let us look at your cock. My cock instantly sprang to attention. They both started laughing. I pushed my shorts down and my cock sprang out. They both stared and then Linda put her hand around it. Denae also starting touching me. Finally Linda said end of round 1. Now she dealt again. Linda got a 5, Danae an Ace, and me a 7. Danae acted like she was thinking. Linda I think it only fair take off your tshirt and show us your tits. My cock was rock hard now. She pulled her tshirt off and I played with those tits I had been so desperate to see. Danae flicked Linda's nipples and finally Danae said ok turn over. Linda pulled her tshirt back on. Fuck my cock could drive nails it was so hard. Linda dealt another round; Linda 10, Danae 2, me 9. Linda smiled and told Danae to pull off her panties and show her cunt to us. I watched her bikini panties slide down and her dark bush was there. Then she sat back down and spread her legs. Again Linda and I explored but this time Danae was enjoying the exploration. She was really wet. Linda at one point told me to take my middle finger and push into her pussy deep. I did and then Danae moaned. Finally Linda said turn over. Fuck I needed to win so I fuck Linda or even Danae. Linda dealt again, Linda 5, Danae 7, me 3. Danae looked at me and said she wanted me to lick her pussy. I was shocked. Excited but shocked. I guess they thought me not moving was reluctance Linda told me that this is the way we are playing game either I do it all or I could leave and not play. I moved towards my s****r and pulled her panties off and tossed them over the couch. I started eating her and she was squirming and moaning. Finally Danae had an orgasm and Linda called round over.

I didn't realize it at the time. Everything the cards the order was designed to make me so horning I couldn't refuse. I laughed when she told me.

Linda dealt another round Danae didn't bother finding her panties. Linda King, Danae Jack, me 6. Linda said she wanted to be eaten. She was wetter than Danae and had a tangier taste. When she came I was soaked. After she came Danae called round over. I dropped my shorts and told them enough games lets play something else. They laughed and Linda told me that I could fuck her but that I had to fuck Danae as well. Wow let me think about that. They pulled off their t-shirts as did I. Then I pushed my cock into Danae she was really tight. Linda and I were kissing while I pushed my cock into my s****r. Finally Danae had an orgasm. We switched. I was pumping Linda and playing with those massive tits. She was squirting and the couch was getting soaked. I pulled out of Linda and Danae started sucking my cock. She wasn't very good but who cares I coached her and before long she was doing much better. Linda took her turn and was much better than Danae. Soon I started cumming and Linda pulled my cock out of her mouth and aimed it at her tits. I came on her tits. It smelled like cum and cunt in the living room.

We all slept together in mom and dad's bed that night.
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2 years ago
Great story and game.
2 years ago
good story
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2 years ago
Another wonderful story!
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nice !
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Hot story thanks for sharing
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Brilliant keeep them cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
2 years ago
Sexy!!!(: I love it.