Banging Buds 2 for the money...

I was a sophomore in college and my best friend (John) and I were rooomates. Seemed if he had a girlfriend then I didn't and vica versa. One night we had gotten pretty toasted drinking. He had a girlfriend Shelly who was pretty hot. Shelly was teasing me about jacking off listening to them fuck. John said yeah if you would wait she could come to your room and get twice the fun. He and I laughed and Shelly giggled. Pretty soon John had coaxed her out of her jeans and blouse and she was sitting with us in just her bra and panties. John was feeling her up while kissing her. I was sitting on the other side. He motioned for me to feel her up. So I slid my hand onto her tit closet to me and gently squeezed. She kept kissing him. I slid my hand down her stomach and moved inside her panties going for the golden triangle. She moaned something into John's mouth. He stopped kissing her and she grabbed my hand and removed it. She told John she didn't want to do this. He looked and her and picked up her clothes and told her to get out. She had agreed to this and he didn't go out with teases or liars. He went on to tell her you don't let a guy play with your tits unless you intend to let him go all the way. Shelly looked at him stunned. She told him she still wanted to date. He told her again I don't date liars and teases. Now get out. What had started out as a lot of fun quickly went down the toilet. She started putting on her clothes but John grabbed her by the arm and pushed her out the door. He told her she could dress outside.

About a week went by and I was getting out of class and walking down the hall going to my car in the parking lot. Shelly walked up to me and told me she was sorry about bailing the other night. I told her it was her choice that I didn't hold it against her. She said that John would not return her calls. I laughed and said the only way John would ever talk to her would be to keep her word to him. WHatever you promised you would do either do it or forget about John. He and I have been best friends since 3rd grade I know how he operates. Shelly looked down and asked if I knew what John wanted? I told I didn't again John was all about surprises. She told me thanks and left. That night as I came back to the apartment I saw Shelly again. She was only in her bra and panties as she walked up to me. We walked into the apartment and John was sitting there drinking a beer and watching TV. He looked at her and then went back to watching. Shelly popped her bra off. She had the biggest nippples I had ever seen. She pushed down her panties and left on the floor. She took me by the hand and we walked over to the couch. She started kissing John and then stopped looked back at me and said fuck me. Fuck! I stripped out of my clothes and got to work getting her ready. I was soon sliding my hard cock into her pussy. John was super excited and soon she was sucking him while I fucked her. It was great. Soon John and I changed places. After we had both fucked her and gotten blow jobs John said he wanted us to both cum in her pussy. I told him I was almost ready and he said go. It only took a couple of minutes and BANG I came in her pussy. Almost before I could pull out John was in her and he too BANG and came in her.

She laid there and we looked at her pussy covered in cum. She looked great. John told her that she was our girlfriend. If she didn't want that relationship he understood and would always be friends with her. She smiled and told him that she knew coming over here would mean that she would get two cocks and that she would be ours from now on. We smiled....
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great story! sounds like shelly is getting the better of the deal!