Caught By Our Son - Chapter 4

After our morning session I was talking with him while mom showered. He told me he found the new picture and found it very exciting. I laughed. You should have seen how wet your mom became when she found out you were jacking off to her pictures. He smiled. He asked had we always had an open marriage. I told him no in fact we have had only two others in our 25+ years of marriage your Uncle and the best man at our wedding. Your uncle was pretty hammered one evening and stumbled into our bedroom as we were having sex. Mom laughed as he pulled out his cock. She had him lay down and started sucking his old cock as I fucked her. My son smiled and rubbed his cock again. Dad you are pretty good with your mouth how did that come about? I laughed and said when you grow up around 7 cousins all male who are older and we all go on camping trips you end up with some skills you don't put on your resume. How did your best man get into the act. A few years ago he and his wife divorced. It was messy and he came to the house to stay with us for a couple of weeks while he got things figured out. One night he was really down and we were trying to cheer him up finally he went to bed. We were in the bedroom and I told your mom I was going in to talk with him again. I walked in and he was laying there naked and jacking off. He looked at me and asked if I would help him because he was tired jacking off. I got on his bed and started sucking his dick. He came pretty quickly. He said he needed a minute to catch his breath. This time he wanted to stand in front of me. As I was on my knees sucking his cock your mother walks in and I thought oh shit. Instead she pulled off robe and said when you guys quit fucking around maybe you can use those cocks for something useful. For the next week we both fucked her. He slept in our bed... My son pulled out his phone and showed me a picture of the girl he was dating. Very hot. He then went to the next picture and she was lying on his bed naked with my picture on her belly. I raised my eyebrows... He said she didn't understand it either but she did it. I thought it was hot he said. I told him we were pretty open and would welcome him into the bedroom. Besides mom has a couple of fantasies she would really like to pursue....
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2 years ago
just keeps getting better
2 years ago
yes more is GOOD
2 years ago
Great job hope you keep going, would love to join in
3 years ago
nice hope to read more
3 years ago
nice start
3 years ago
Great stories! I hope more chapters are coming!
3 years ago
mmm yes, another hot story, mmm
3 years ago
Keep going, these are great stories.