Spy Cams in the House

I was talking to a friend of my two sons, Matt. He was telling me that he had helped his mom secure her house by putting up cameras all over it. I was thinking of his mom and these cameras and wondering if I could get the IP. Then he pulled out his iPhone and showed the set up. He bounced from room to room and camera to camera. He said he could do it 24/7. My cock started stirring at that thought. I was asking him some more questions about the system and the how could you keep others out of the system. He said it needed a code. I was a little disappointed and then he said he had to go to the bathroom and he told me to play with it while he was gone. I moved through the house and found a camera in his mom's bedroom, in her dressing room, and bathroom. As well as a camera in the guest bath and both bedrooms. I was looking through some of the features and came across the recoring feature. There were times set that it would automatically record. I found those time would have been about the time his mom got up, got home and went to bed. I set the time to the previous evening about 9:30 and started watching Dee undressing and then taking a shower. My cock was getting pretty hard for a 50 something year old guy. When I heard Matt ask if I liked the system. I told him yes I really liked it. He smiled and said that video I was watching really agreed with me. He told me he already knew I had a thing for his mom and that I was more than welcome to the code and IP address. Matt said I want one thing. I thought here it comes. He said I want to set up cams in your house because I really want to see Carrie and Jayla. Jayla was Tom my oldest son's live in girl friend. He smiled and I said I want to see Jayla too. He said his mom has a vibrator and a dildo and at least 2 times a week she plays and I have the cams set up to record should that drawer open. I agreed to his terms and he said one more thing. I am trying to arrange a time to fuck my mom so watch but don't tell. My cock was so hard now I knew I had to go jackoff. I downloaded the security app and logged in. Matt hooked his iPhone to the TV and we both jacked off to his mom and her masturbation. I can't wait to see what happens in my house.
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2 years ago
oooooo yea
2 years ago
now thats a great story! Doesn't matter how long it is(the story that is)
2 years ago
Sweeeeeet! don't get caught!
3 years ago
Great story. Hope there are more.
3 years ago
had a wank reading that.
3 years ago
Nice one I hope there a story of these adventures.
3 years ago
MMM could end badly i there caught
3 years ago