Tom & Mom

Tom was 37 and was looking for a place to live. His wife had kicked him out of the house because of his porn addiction. She caught him several times on web sites reading stories looking at pictures and once she had caught him masturbating with a water melon on the kitchen table. Tom tried to explain he had read a story online about using a watermelon that was sun warm. His wife decided enough was enough. She did not think sex was that necessary or desirable. She divorced him and basically took everything but his clothes, computer and porn.

He had lived in a hotel until the final hearing that finalized the divorce and Tom had to wipe out his savings, and one of his CD's to settle everything and pay the lawyers. He could not afford a hotel at least for another two months. He maybe had enough money for one meal. His next pay day he would only get $200 and the rest for the next year would go to his ex to pay off her new car.

Tom was desperate when he called his parents. His mom was in tears by the time Tom got the story out and his dad told him to come over and bring his stuff because he was living with them until the bitch was paid off. Mom was 59 and dad was 62. Now mom was about 5'4" and in her day had caught every man's eye because of her huge tits. Now at 59 she was round instead of slim but those tits were still 48EE. Dad was 6' and had always been a man's man but at 62 he had a round belly and was more interested in relaxing than working. Tom drove up and dad came out and met him. They hugged and Tom was taken into the house, mom was standing there with tears in her eyes and brought Tom's head from his 6'2" down to the top of breasts patting his head and sniffling. Once she let Tom up he was somewhat disturbed that he was a little turned on by that simple affection. That evening crawled by as his parents drup out the details of the separation and eventual divorce. Finally his dad asked for the keys to Tom's car and he took them and left. His mother finally asked a question he hoped he would not have to answer. "Tommy how long has it been since you had sex with a woman?" Crap thought Tom, yet he knew his mother would not be denied. Tom told her it had been 24 months since he and the ex had had sex. His mother gasped if you are anything like your father you must be wearing out your hand trying to get some satisfaction. Tom turned beet red. Finally he decided he had to end this interagation. He stood up and thanked his mom again for a place to stay and headed off to his room. He unpacked his stuff and hid his porn in the top of the closet. A little while later his dad came into his room and handed him his keys. Then his dad looked down and said, "your mom told me about the problems and the 24 months. Damn that can break a man. Listen down in the basement in the TV room the drawer to the left of the TV is locked the key is on the top shelf under the vase. In case you want some help." Dad was red as a fire plug when he left. Tom showered and pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt. He wondered what his dad had in that drawer. He went down the basement and into the TV room. It was almost 10 so his parents were probably in bed. He unlocked the drawer and found it full of DVDs and found some boxes under the DVDs one was a fleshlight, another was a dildo and in the third box was a butt plug set. Wow his parents or at least his dad was into sex. He picked up several DVDs but he found an unmarked one, just a date, Aug. 9, 2010. The date my baby s****r who was 28 got married. He remembered him having to show his mom and dad how to use the brand new video cam. Probably just some wedding video. Why was it in this drawer then? Tom put the DVD in the player and started the video. There was mom in the frame kissing Dee and the two of them posing. Wow Dee had great tits just like moms. Strapless dress and those two pups were straining to be out. Mom told Dee she looked beautiful. Dee gushed and smiled at the camera mom's hand on the skirt of her dress and BANG! Dee's tits were loose the camera zoomed in and followed the action. Finally Dee got them coralled and stuff back into the dress. Mom and her were laughing. Tom's dick was hard as he rewound the video stopped it and ran it forward watching his s****r's tits. He finally let the video go and he saw mom not in her wedding attire but in a white strapless dress and like Dee she was busting out of it. Dad was complimenting her on those tits. The dress came off and mom threw it to the side. She had nothing on under the dress. Tom's cock was throbbing in his hand as he watched his mom spread her legs and then her pussy lips. Not only were her tits huge but so were her nipples. Her pussy was shaved and her clit was not huge but pretty big, bigger than his ex's. He watched dad come over and start fucking his mom. Tom shot his load all over himself, the couch and the rug. Fuck that was hot.

He got to his room and realized that his mom was hot and loved sex. The things she said in that video were hair raising. Tom wondered about trying to catch a peek and then laughed. He felt like a 14 or 15 year old boy trying to catch a glimpse of the neighbor girl or lady through the curtains. He realized he was hard again and once again releived himself by hand picturing his mom.

The next morning Tom was up and ready for work as he went by the kitchen to get something for the road his mom was in there cooking. She had coffee ready and some home made biscuits. Tom was grateful and then he was his mom was in a t-shirt no bra, the boys were swinging free as she moved. Nippples poking through the material. Tom sat down at the table to hide his hard on. His mom made him a cup of coffee sat it on the table and then turned around and got something out of the bottom drawer. The t-shirt was not near big enough to hide that ample ass. Tom got a good view of her ass and pussy. She stood and turned around her tits kept turning for just a moment and then came back and settled. "Honey are you sure you can't call in today and just take the day off? You look flushed." his mom asked. He would take off in a heart beat if could get some of that pussy. "No mom I will be just fine." Tom answered. Mom moved around the table putting another plate out she went to the fridge and stood in the door for a couple of minutes. When she turned her nipples poked out further. Tom realized if he did not leave now he would stay there all day. He stood up, he forgot why he sat down to begin with. Mom was facing him and smiled. "That is why you are flushed." Mom said. Tom looked down and he was pitching a tent in his slacks. His dad walked in about that time and saw the tent then saw the nipples. He laughed and said mom you can tease better than any stripper I know. They both laughed. Then dad said, "mom you can't leave a man in that situation. Tom call in and let them know you will be out today." Tom thumbed his cell phone and left a message for his boss that he would be out today for f****y reasons.

Tom's dad told him that they had watched the video he picked because it also played in their room. His dad said that they had hoped he would watch that one. Mom moved and Tom turned towards here and there she stood naked. The t-shirt forgotten on the floor. She and Tom kissed. Tom asked his dad was this all right. "Hell yes" go to the basement and catch up on some much needed time with a pussy, ass and mouth. Tom and his mom headed down. He stripped off quickly and mom just sat down and watched. "Melvin his cock is bigger than yours", she yelled up the stairs. Tom smiled and mom laid back on the couch. Tom laid down on top of her and slid his cock into her pussy. This felt great. It did not take long to cum. As they were both recovering Tom started sucking this great tits. His mom told him that most men started with her tits and never made it to her cunt. Tom was really glad he had moved home.
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2 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Nice one, keep fucking and get it on camera.
3 years ago
I might well be a 'bender' but fuck me,that was well fucking hot!
3 years ago
Tommy you are a sick boy...
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
3 years ago