Bottom for the New Guy

While at work a few weeks ago I met Juan. He was the new guy. All the guys were ribbing him about how hot Spanish wives are. He just laughed and told us he wasn't married. A few days went by and Juan and I were on a service call. When we finished and packing our gear he pressed against my ass as I leaned into the back of the van. He was packing some wood. I let it go this was work. After we got off Juan wanted to know if I would like to eat dinner with him. I said sure. We went to a local place and ate. Juan was really nervous. He told me in a sputtering type way that one of the other techs told him that I was bi. I smiled and said that was true. He said that he was really turned on by that. I laughed and said I felt it this afternoon. He blushed. He told me he had to be the man in the relationship and I smiled again and said no problem. We went back to my hotel room and he again was nervous. I went into the bathroom and came out in just a pair of rag shorts. He reached down and started playing with my ass. I undid his belt buckle and unzipped his jeans. He kicked his boots off. I got to his dark brown uncut cock. He was leaking some pre-cum. I licked it off. Soon we were on the bed and he ate out my asshole. Afterwards he pushed his hard cock into my ass. He plowed my ass and then pulled out and had me turn over. He stradled my face and jacked until he came all over my face. He then pushed his cock into my mouth and oozed cum into my mouth.

Juan and I kept a regular meeting for the next two months. His Visa expired and he went home. But that was a hot jalapeno.
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3 years ago
Love it, keep 'em coming.
3 years ago
tha was a hot story, i like the part when he sparyed hot cum in your warm throat, i bet juan was sexy like mario lopez can you check out my story and comment