Getting to Know the Neighbors

My wife and I got to know the f****y that lived across the street. Dave, Brenda, Tommy & Dave Jr. Dave was always talking to me about how great a fuck his wife was. He often would pull out a picture of her nude or tell me about fucking her in the back yard. After one such story I walked out in my back yard to our common fence. I looked over and it was as dark in their back yard as mine. I walked away from the fence disappointed. Before I got to the back door Dave's back porch light came on and Brenda walked out nude and Dave right behind her. I climbed up on my roof that over looked their side patio. I watched Dave fuck her and watched Brenda look around trying to see if someone was watching. That night I fucked my wife Carrie while imagining Brenda. A few days later and Dave said he was leaving on a trip and asked if I would check on Brenda about 9 or 9:30 every night, so she could sl**p all right. I thought hell yeah I check out Brenda. The next night I went over to Dave's and Brenda opened the door to my knock. She was dressed in a short robe and she invited me in. She asked if I could check all the windows and doors to make sure everything was all right. I checked the boys roooms first both were sound asl**p. I checked the living room and made my way around the house. The last place was Brenda's bedroom. At sometime during my rounds Brenda had left me. When I got to the room Brenda was sitting on the bed and her robe was loose around her now instead of tight. I checked the windows but also glanced at her trying to get a look down, up, at or what ever. She asked if I would check the attic space in the closet also. I walked into the closet and pulled down the ladder. She flipped a switch by the closet door and the light came on in the attic. Brenda started climbing and now I got a good look at that lucious ass and pussy. I climbed right behind her trying to keep my head right under the hem of her robe. When she got to the top she had to stretch to get her foot to the nearest board. Shaved pussy. Whe I got up there she was standing there the robe untied. There was a bed, the attic was finished. Nude pictures of Brenda hung on the wall. Nude pictures of Dave. I looked around and then walked to Brenda and we started kissing. I pushed the robe from her shoulders and we got on the bed. She was soaking wet. I told her about watching her and Dave the other evening. She got wetter. We fucked and then I came filling her cunt. She smiled and we kissed. I told her I had to go.

For the next 3 nights it was the same routine. I was quicker about the windows and doors so I had more time in the attic. That Friday Dave was going to be home and I was hoping Brenda was going to come over and tell me Dave couldn't make it. I walked out of my back door about 9:30 that night and heard Dave and Brenda fucking on the side porch. I got to the fence and looked over knowing it was Brenda who would be looking for voyeurs. She smiled when she saw me. Dave grunted and she began a narrative of the last 4 nights with me. I am fucked I thought. Instead of being pissed Dave was asking about my cock. How much cum did I leave? How good was it? Then I heard Dave say we are ready for a threesome. Brenda said hell yes. Then her moans intensified as she came.

That Monday night I walked out the back door and Dave was standing at the fence and I walked over. He asked my if everything had been ok while he was gone. I smiled and told him everything was great. Brenda said the same he quoted. Come over here I want to talk with you about something. I walked through my gate and into his gate. There was Brenda nude on the lounge chair. My cock got hard and without anything else being said we both started groping kissing and basically getting ready to fuck Brenda. As both moved around I noticed that Dave's cock seemed to touch me alot. At one point I am kissing Brenda and all of the sudden Dave's cock is in her mouth with my mouth almost touching hers. I dismiss it as excitement. I am fingering Brenda when my hand has a cock in it. Finally as I get ready to enter Brenda I feel his cock poke me in the ass. WTH. I ask what is going on. JF you know I am glad you enjoyed Brenda but I would like to experience some of that as well. For instance I will give you a choice, 1) suck my cock till I cum, 2) be the bologna in a sandwich my cock in your ass and your cock in Brenda, or 3) I will fuck Brenda and you will eat her sloppy pussy before you fuck it and then again eat the sloppy pussy. As I looked at Brenda and thought about it I knew I was being threatened and that one of the 3 was going to happen or Carrie would know what happened. I picked #3. Dave got his cock into Brenda and started fucking her hard and fast. She wanted me to kiss her clit while Dave fucked her. I just did not want to. Dave laughed and said you are going to eat cum from her pussy why should you mind licking her clit while my cock slides in and out. Brenda and I got into a 69 and Dave rolled her hips up and started fucking her. I was licking her clit but as they moved my tongue landed on Dave's cock. I heard Dave start breathing harder and grunting. I knew he was cumming, the cum I was about to eat. He popped out of her cunt with a wet plop. He pushed my head down and he again rolled her hips up. I began to eat her pussy, his cum was everywhere. Finally Dave said that was good and I stood up and pushed my cock in Brenda. It did not take me long to cum. This time Brenda got up over me and lowered her cunt onto my mouth. I swallowed my cum and Dave's cum that I had not gotten to. Dave laughed and said look Brenda he likes this his cock his hard from eating cum out of your pussy.
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3 years ago
A Bi guys dream.... I know it is one of mine. (except for the cheating part)
3 years ago
Very good, a dream of mine that I hope will come true one day.
3 years ago
Very nice, bi couples are great
3 years ago
great story, And same here i would have done all three as well mmmm
3 years ago
great story i would of done all 3
3 years ago
wow you can fusk my ass anytime and i'll eat her pussy with all that cum dripping out and i'll even suck your cock too thanks