Return of the Hitcher

After RaMon and Bo were through we said our goodbyes but I wanted to give them my number in case either wanted to play again. RaMon took my number and told me he would call. One night about 10:30 pm I was just getting ready to go to bed and the phone rings. RaMon was on the line. Man I need a ride can you come get me and get me where I'm going. I will make sure you get some dick. I laughed and said hold on. I went into the other room and said I had to go to town. I got back on the phone and told RaMon I would be there in about 40 minutes. I put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt and headed to RaMon's. When I got there he was sitting on the porch outside. He got in the car and told me to drive. About midnight we ended up in a part of Waco I had never been to before. Block brick building with a big yellow light over the entrance. We went in the door. Looked like a hang out. Six or seven black guys, RaMon and I. We went over to an ice chest and RaMon got a beer and handed me one. We went to a card table. One of the guys told us to sit down. They were playing Texas Hold 'Em. Fuck I thought he just wanted a ride to a poker game and it will 2 or 3 hours till I suck his cock. I was a little pissed. I asked where the restroom was and I was pointed to a door in the corner. I walked into a bathroom with a urinal and a toilet no stalls. No lock on the door. I was taking care of business when a younger guy walked in and started pissing beside me. I was trying to sneak a look out of the corner of my eye. When he said "Hey there". So I turned looking and said "hey how's it going?" "Chris is the name" he said. "John" I replied as I was glancing down before turning back to the urinal. He flushed and I flushed and turned before putting my cock away. I saw his cock and Chris was turned towards me. "I know you wanted to see this black cock of mine. I saw you looking." I stammered a little and said "yeah I think you have a great cock." He said come this way and he put his cock away. We walked out of the corner door and into another door I hadn't seen because of the shadows. We walked through that door and I saw two or three couples having sex. Two younger guys were jacking while watching an older guy fuck a bbw. Chris pulled his cock out again and I got down on a pillow and started sucking this guy. Chris just kind of hummed while I sucked. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and licked his balls while still jacking that cock. As I pulled his cock back into my mouth. One of the young guys that had been stroking walked over still stroking and watching my suck Chris. "Zande don't you cum on my mother fucker." Chris warned. Zande asked "is his mouth good? Are you going to paint it with your cum?" Chris started rocking a little harder. I felt the head of his cock start swelling. I was barely able to keep it my mouth now. I felt the first spurt of cum hit my tongue. It was good. He finished cumming and pulled out of my mouth. As he backed away Zande moved in and pushed his cock into my mouth. He wasn't subtle he wasn't stylish he was simply horny. It did not take him but about 2 or 3 minutes to cum. I swallowed and he moved away. I got up and moved to a couch. I was watching men walk into the room and others walk out. A guy using a cane came over and sat down. He must have been 70. He said "You know I used to rule this place. Women would come down and suck my dick all the time. Shit but now they want the younger." I smiled at him. I asked him when the last time was he had had a blow job. He laughed "Not too long ago. I know I am getting one tonight." He smiled and started undoing his pants. Finally he wiggled his pants around his ankles. He had some low hanging balls and his cock was pretty big soft. I started licking the head and started sucking him. He got semi-hard but not ever fully erect. He talked "Arthur is my name. Yeah son that is way to suck this old man." I worked on him. I would periodically need a break because my jaw would cramp. I would jack him licking his huge balls. After about 20 minutes he finally started cumming. Fuck he would not stop. Those balls were loaded there was cum everywhere. All on my chin and chest. He layed back and said "oh yeah son I want to see you again."
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now that was so hot i jackoff while i read it thanks