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So the dating scene is online now. Post on craig's list and spell out what you want or what you don't want. Email back and forth finding out details and then set up a meet. Seems pretty straight forward, right? Whatever! I am sitting around in Dallas at my hotel cruising the internet and looking for something to peek my interest. Been on X-Hamster looking at pics, videos and reading stories. I pull up Craig's List and start looking through the personals. I read one that really has my interest. So I respond. My email chimes and I read the response. I respond send a picture. Now this guy posted he is looking for a WM over 50 who is a bottom. Perfect I thought. So after four or ten emails we finally set a public meeting. I go to meet and have a description of his vehicle and he has one of mine. I go to Valero off of lower Greenville. The guy doesn't show. I pull out my phone and email, no response. What a let down. I go into the Valero and get a bottle of water and a six pack of beer. After I pay I am heading to the car when a young African American walks up to me. He asks for a ride home because he is stranded. I told him sure and we get into the car. As he gets in he adjusts his shorts, his cock is semi-hard and pressing against his shorts the adjustment shows a nice outline. We talk headed to his house. He is 23 and came down to the store with some friends but they all left and left him at the store. He asked what I was doing at the store. I told him I was supposed to meet a friend but he never showed. I saw him adjust his cock. My cock was starting to stretch. He asked about my friend and I told him we meet due to a mutual interest. He asked if that interest was sex. I smiled and said yes. He pulled on the front of his shorts again. He asked what we did. I told him that we had sex. I would suck his cock and he would fuck me. This young guy said oh fuck. Can we be friends? I told him sure. We pulled up to his apartment. When we got in he through his tshirt on the floor and started kicking his shoes off. I asked what he wanted? He said I want you to suck my cock. So I got on my knees and picked his uncut cock up and started sucking it. It did not take long until he was hard and ready to drive nails. We went into his bedroom. He flipped on the light and I saw porn videos by the TV his computer had a porn slide show with BBC in men and women. He told me to get undressed. When I pulled my shorts off he had me get on my hands and knees on the bed. He started rubbing my ass. He reached on the night stand and got some lube. Soon his hard cock was sheathed and lubed as was my ass. He went to town like there was no tomorrow. When he came he slammed my ass. He rolled onto the bed and I rolled over playing with my own cock. He wanted me to pull the condom off his deflating cock. "Make sure you let my cum drain on my cock. I emptied the condom on his cock. I tossed the condom in the trash can and bent over and started licking and sucking his cum off of his cock and balls. He started getting hard again. He told me he only had one condom so anything we did he would not have a condom for. I started sucking him and making sure he was hard.
I licked his balls and sucked them. He was pumping his cock in his hand as I licked. He picked his feet up off of the floor and rolled his hips offering me his ass. "Lick my asshole" I did as I was told. Still jacking my cock as I did so. After a few minutes he told me wanted to cum again. I moved up to take his load in my mouth. Instead he told me to lay on the bed. He stood beside the bed jacking. I knew then what was cuming. When he started cuming he pointed his cock at my face and came. Then had me open my mouth and clean his cock again. He was spent but wanted me to cum before I left so I started stroking again. He told me when I was ready to cum he wanted me to cum on his cock and balls and then clean up the mess one more time. So soon I came putting my load on his cock and balls. I then cleaned my own cum up. I found out as we were headed for the door he was the one who had posted the CL ad. Nice turn out.
92% (11/1)
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3 years ago
oh ya very hot!!!
3 years ago
yeah babe
3 years ago
mmmm sexy
3 years ago
great story i'm going to try craigelist again thanks