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While I was in high school I was horny all the time. The hormones gave me a perpetual hard on. Fortunately I had everything well in hand. After graduation I only came home on holidays and summer vacation. Well one holiday I was home and I had gone to a party with some friends. After the party I was pretty horny and had no relief. It was a little after midnight and I went into the house expecting everyone to be asl**p. As I walked down the hall I saw a light coming from my parents bedroom which was strange for that time of night. I was about to go in and see if everything was all right when I heard mom moaning. I looked through the half open door and dad was fucking mom. They were in their late 40's at the time and I had never thought of them as sexual. I watched and my cock grew insistent that it was too confined. I released my cock and could not take my eyes off of the scene before me. Dad fucked her and then he ran out of steam and pulled his cock out. He turned over on the bed. I had a perfect view of mom's cunt and tits. She straddle dad and started the session back up. I could hear my dad saying something to mom but could not make out the words. I watched until dad shot his load. My got off and a big glob of cum ran out of her pussy plopped onto dads balls. Mom laid down and I made a hasty retreat to my room. I stripped off and knew I would not last long but I also knew this would be a two fisted night. I laid down and normally I would cover up until the covers were right below my balls just in case of uninvited guests. Tonight I was so horny I really wanted to someone to walk in and catch me. I wanted to be caught with my hard cock in my hand. I wanted mom to walk in. I quickly came shooting my load across my belly. I thought about dad's cum running out of mom's cunt. My cock hardly went down at all.

I closed my eyes and saw my mom again. I slowly stroked my hard cock again. I heard my door open and I didn't open my eyes. I pretended not to notice. The door closed and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I opened my eyes hoping for mom but instead it was my s****r. She had heard me come in. She had watched me watch mom and dad. She had finally gotten up the nerve to come into my room. My s****r and I had masturbated in front of each other a couple of times when we were younger. She told me what she knew and then she reached out and started stroking me. She had on a robe and I told her to take it off. She stood and dropped her robe. She was naked underneath. She told me that Steve one of my friends had popped her cherry. My cock ached as she started telling me about the guys she had fucked. She stroked me and told me she was ready to have my cock in her. I rolled her over and move my cock to her pussy. i pushed and her wet pussy opened for me. We fucked for a few minutes and she told me she wanted to try want mom had done. I rolled off of her and she straddled me. She rode my dick until we had both cum again. As she got off I made her squat above my stomach and pull her pussy lips back. She did it and I watched cum run out of her.
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3 years ago
good of sis give u some relief
3 years ago
I would have at least sucked the cum from her pussy but a good story anyhow.
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
Nice one, but you should have had her squat over your face and watch your cum drip onto yourself.
3 years ago
that is what sisters are for to help a brother out, I am glad you have such a fine sis