College Date pt. 2

I did go to the apartment and jack off. This time after I came I was smelling of Jeana's pussy on my hands and started licking them. I got some of my cum. I realized I really liked this taste. I realized that it was everything that had happened that caused everything to be so exciting. I was wanting more.

A couple of days went by. Tom knocked on my door one night about nine. I opened the door and he came in. I thought here it comes he is going to go off on me for what happened. He was looking at the floor and just making idle chit chat. Finally he looked at me and asked if I thought he was weird because of what happened. I told him I was afraid he would think I was a perv. He laughed and that broke the tension. He told me he really enjoyed what happened. I told him I enjoyed it also. He asked did I like all of it. I told him after I thought about it I realized I did enjoy all of it. He grinned. He told me Jeana and he had just had a fight about a blow job. She told him to get out and come to me. She said that I could blow him and then come over to her apartment and fuck her. I told him I didn't believe him. He said it is the truth. I went over to the phone and asked for her phone number. He gave it and I called. Jeana answered and I announced myself, I did not get the question out of my mouth. She said hurry suck his dick and then come over here and I can get some time on your ride. I laughed and hung up. I turned around and Tom had his pants down and his cock was hard. I smiled and got on my knees. This time I started trying to enjoy and get more out this part of the experience. He simply moaned and hunched my mouth. A little over five minutes later he was cumming. This time his cum was a little thinner but he still pumped it out. I milked his cock one or two times more before I let go. When he got up to leave he told me that he wanted to make this at least once a week for as long as we could I told him as long as I had free access to Jeana we were golden.

I got to Jeana's about 10 minutes later. She opened the door in a tank top and that was all. We started kissing and got to her bedroom. We were playing with each other I pulled her tank top off and started kissing and sucking those great tits. She moaned as my fingers worked her pussy. She told me stop and I went from fully erect to limp. She told me she had one request. I said ok she told me she wanted me to eat her pussy. My cock recovered and I told her I would love to eat her pussy. As I ate her she told me Tom refused to even kiss her pussy much less eat it. All of the sudden I felt her lips wrapped around my cock. Tit for Tat I thought "won't eat the pussy, won't suck the cock" Their loss my gain. That night I came in her mouth and in her pussy. I told her I had a fantasy about eating a just fucked pussy also. So we planned on Saturday night after Tom left her I would come and get sloppy seconds.

Our menage'a trois lasted just a couple of months. It was great though. Tom's bachelor's party was great. Just FYI.
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3 years ago
Yes, college is a great time in life and wish I could do it alllll over again with cool dudes like you!! Fucking, sucking cock and pussy!! WOW what a great story. Thanks, John
3 years ago
Great finish!
3 years ago
sometimes college guys get all the fun thanks