College Dare pt. 1

I went to college at a small university in the panhandle of Texas. I was a junior and decided to pledge at fraternity. My pledge semester was filled with the normal pledge hazing. The kind of stuff every frat put pledges through in the early 80's. As I got more into the frat life I spent time with my big b*****r "Tom". He was about 6-2 stout guy and could put away some beer. Through the process I had met his girl friend Jeana who was 6' tall and had some great tits. In fact there were several trips to Amarillo with 4 or 5 of us stuffed into a car and I always managed to sit by Jeana. There was many a time that semester that she was the fantasy that I jerked off to.

One evening Tom, myself and 3 other frat b*****rs were sitting at his apartment and drinking beer. We were talking about everything under the sun and especially about sex. Tom told me that Jeana would not blow him and it really pissed him off. That struck me as humorous at the time considering none of my fantasies to date had involved a blow job. Evening went into night and Tom said Jeana was coming over and we all had to leave. So everyone had left except me because I was finishing my beer and picking up some laundry, pledge stuff. When a thought popped into my head, a Richard Pryor quote, "That bitch was so fine I wanted to suck her daddy's dick." This seemed to be out of the blue. Except for some male on male experimentation growing up I had never thought about sucking someone's cock. The thought however was rolling around in my head and before I knew it I blurted out to Tom. "Tell ya what I will give you a blow job if I can fuck Jeana." I thought he was be pissed or just laugh it off as too much beer. At first that was how it was going until I noticed he was getting hard thinking about it. He said it was his biggest fantasy to have his dick sucked. He told me to hang out because he had to talk with Jeana before he made any promises.

Jeana walked in about 15 minutes later in a hoodie and sweat pants. Tom said on the nights they were having sex she just wore the sweat suit and nothing under neath. Now my cock was starting to stir. I was looking at her as Tom explained the situation. She said something to him and he smiled and responded. She laughed and said "hell yes". She looked at me and said she wanted to see what was in my pants. I laughed. Tom hollered "whoa, me first." He shucked his pants and underwear and his cock was fully erect. Jeana and I followed suit and all of us were naked. I took a good look at her and got on my knees in front of him. I started sucking him and he was so excited he couldn't hardly contain it. He came in less than five minutes. No warning he just came and to keep from drowning I swallowed. He sat back on the chair and I turned towards Jeana and we started fondling and soon we were on the couch fucking. She was awesome I really wanted to take my time but everything was really on edge. We fucked for the next 15 minutes she had a couple of orgasms. It was my turn and I whispered and asked if I could cum in her pussy. She smiled and nodded. I came and knew that when I got back to my apartment I was going to relive this and smell the pussy on my cock.

Tom walked me out as soon as I had finished. He was hard again and raring to go.
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3 years ago
Very hot
3 years ago
Great story, made me hard!!
3 years ago
Bi usually isn't my cup of tea, but his was a good story. Thanks!
3 years ago
now thats what pleges are for to suck cock and fuck willing girl friends of brothers thnnks
3 years ago
Very HOT and sexy story!