Dating Can Be Tricky

While dating in College it was the late 70's and some girls were very liberal with their favors while others were not. It was tough to know when to go further and when to back off. I started dating Bev and she was straight laced. After 3 dates she had let me feel up her boobs through her shirt but that was the line. I knew that I wanted more one night as I was walking Bev to her dorm her room mate Ginny came out and met us. I kissed Bev good night and she wouldn't even french kiss. Ginny asked for a ride to Sonic. I was horny and wanting to jack off. In fact my cock was pushing against my jeans. We went to Sonic and Ginny slid over in the seat next to me as I ordered. Her hand was on my thigh and her blouse was open enough that I could see she was braless. My cock became rock hard. She finished giving her order and didn't move. She was looking at me looking at her tits. She moved her hand to my bulge. She asked if I had ever had a blow job driving down the highway? I said no and laughed. She unzipped my jeans and sat down next to me. She was playing with my hard cock when the girl delivered our drinks. Ginny held my cock and looked at the girl. I gave the girl enough to cover the drinks + a tip. Ginny asked if I was ready for a blow job just as the car hop turned to leave. Before we were all the way around Sonic her head was in my lap and her mouth was on my cock. I headed out of town on the highway. When the car sped up Ginny popped up and pulled off her clothes and threw them in the back. My cock was so hard I could have driven nails with it. Ginny started the blow job again. Finally I found a spot just off the highway between to tanks where you could see the highway. I stripped quickly and was sucking her small tits. My cock soon found her cunt and I slid in her pussy. We fucked and she had the nastiest mouth. Finally she said she wanted my cum in her mouth. When I said I was ready she got off my cock and started sucking me. I blew my load in her mouth. We rested for about 10 minutes. As I started eating her pussy she said I can't believe Bev has fucked your cock off your body. I stopped set up and said she doesn't want sex. At this Ginny laughed. She said Bev has a type she likes the big guys who can easily control her. She likes to be controlled. My cock was ready and I slid it into Ginny and I said bull shit. The subject at hand became more important and we dropped the conversation. The next night I was to take Bev out my finale with her. She wasn't what I wanted right then but I wanted to be nice about it. When I got to the dorm Ginny and Bev were waiting out front. Oh fuck if Ginny told her I was in trouble. When I pulled up the both got into the front. Ginny was in a button up oxford and short denim skirt the oxford was unbuttoned, and no bra. Bev was also in a short denim skirt and an yellow oxford unbuttoned totally and a bright yellow tube top. I asked if we were still going to dinner? Bev said that wasn't necessary. We drove from the dorm to a mutual friends apartment. Bev said we needed to have a talk. Ginny laughed and said that she wants to fucked like a no account slut. Bev said nothing but Ginny unbuttoned another button on her shirt. We arrived the apartment and Bev let us in. Ginny told me to kiss Bev and as I am kissing her pull the tube top down. I thought I was being set up. I went over to Bev and grabbed her and started kissing her frenching her and then I pulled the tube top down. As we broke from the kiss I looked down at her tits. Her puffy nipples looked suckable and I started groping them. I reached under her skirt and said what do we have here bitch? She moaned. No panties. I stuck my middle finger into her pussy. Soon I had her on the couch fucking her. I forgot about Ginny. We fucked and Bev whined and moaned but her pussy was soaking wet. Once I tried to pull out and she grabbed me and yanked me in her hard. I fucked her hard until I was about to cum. I then grabbed her head and f***ed my cock into her mouth and I came. Afterwards she looked at me sheepishly and stated pulling up her tube top. I yanked it back down and took her skirt, tube top, and oxford and threw it out the front door of the apartment. Ginny was sitting there naked as I turned around. She smiled and I pushed my hardening cock into her pussy. I called Bev over and played with her tits. I asked her if she liked seeing her boyfriend fuck her best friend. I told her that she was going to suck my cock again after I was through fucking Ginny. She whimpered. I slapped her ass, she jumped and I saw her thighs were getting wetter. Finally I was about ready to cum again. I pulled out of Ginny and Bev shook her head no. I said this is going in your mouth or in your ass. She opened her mouth and I asked her how did Ginny's pussy taste on my cock? As I came my cock slipped out of her mouth and I shot cum on her tits and belly.

Afterwards she looked at me and said she was sorry but she wanted someone who took what they wanted. I told her underwear and bras were not necessary on our dates. That if she didn't want to fuck while she was on her period he asshole would be fine. She walked out and found all of her clothes and stood there naked as Ginny locked up. I told her to get in the car. I watched her dress in the parking lot of the dorm and then kissed her good night shoving my finger in her pussy.

This was very tricky.
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