Jean's Story

Jean 54 woman that is more sexually active today than any other time in her life tells this story.

I started dating Mark because I knew by the way he looked at me we were going to have sex and lots of it. Mark and I had been dating about six months when one night in a restaurant he saw his ex-wife. He leaned over and said he wanted to introduce us. I thought this was a bad idea. Shirley came over and hugged me. Her big tits swayed dangerously in her mostly unbuttoned blouse. When she hugged me she made a point to press them against me. When we broke she let her fingers slide over the side of one of my tits. Mark sat back down while Shirley stood. Mark told me she was a great fuck. She gave great head and was always looking for a good time. She laughed and said Mark's cock always got her wet. I knew Mark wasn't the kind to settle and now I realized that he wanted to push the envelope in our relationship. Mark told Shirley that I was a squirter and that my pussy was delicious. Shirley smiled and said she would love to find out. My pussy started tingling at the thought of Shirley eating my pussy. Mark said we were going to his place for the night and that she should come over for some fun. Shirley smiled and said only if I get to drink your cum. Mark said that if he came anywhere other than her mouth he would take her out two times next week and give her two loads plus find her two other loads to take. She laughed and said she would see us later. She kissed Mark and let him fondle her tits. She then came and kissed me and ran her hands over my tits squeezing them.

After supper my pussy was quite wet and I was ready for some action. About 30 minutes after arriving at Mark's Shirley walked in. Mark and I were already naked and he was driving his cock into my pussy. Shirley stripped and her huge tits fell to her waist and the large nipples were hard. Once she was naked she moved onto the bed with us. Mark pulled out and roughly pushed her head down to my pussy. Eat her cunt you bitch. Shirley said yes sir and began to eat my pussy. Just as I was starting to get into her rhythm I heard a resounding slap. Shirley's chin bounced hard against my pussy. I knew Mark had landed a hard swat to her ass. Her mouth seemed to double its activity at my pussy. She was sucking my clit then my lips and running her tongue in my pussy and around. I felt my orgasm starting to build but Shirley was going to lose it because she didn't have enough tongue to hit my wet spot. Mark slapped her ass a second time and Shirley brought a finger to my pussy. Mark told her that he was fucking her ass. I heard him spit on her asshole. She moaned and he started rubbing his cock around her hole. Shirley screamed into my pussy as Mark entered. Her fingers were in my pussy and I was leaking. All of the sudden I felt myself go over the edge. My first squirt soaked her face. Mark said fuck yeah and increased his tempo. Shirley kept licking and fingering. I had my second big squirt and again Shirley's face was there. Mark pulled out of Shirley's ass and shoved his cock into mouth. He came in her mouth. Shirley laid down on the bed and Mark became gentle and started eating her pussy. I started sucking those giant tits. Shirley orgasmed about two or three times as Mark ate and fingered her.

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