April Growing Up 2

After the confession.

Oh Amy I am so sorry I wasn't there for you. How can I make this up to you? Amy looked at me hugged me and then grinned. So how come you are sitting like a basketball team fucked you? Oh my gosh no more rules. I went to a club in Dallas that caters to open lifestyle adults. I found a man in there who looked like a promising date. We talked and he told me he was looking for a woman who wouldn't mind attending a party with a couple of his friends. I almost came when he said that. I said I was game. We drove to his house. The party was him Chris, his b*****r Shane, and his two sons Mark and David. They were having a coming out party they said. I started kissing Chris whie Shane lifted my skirt soon my panties were gone. When I say gone I never got them back. I noticed Amy had a hand on pussy starting to rub. Her nipples were hard. I untied my robe and let it fall open. I went on. Soon the four of them had me naked and Shane started fucking me. He had no rhythm no finess just I'm gonna fuck you until I cum. Amy interupted how big was his cock? About 6" and thick. Shane lasted only about 6 or 7 minutes. I was rubbing my tits thinking about what had happened I brushed my sore pussy pain and pleasure. David was next. His cock was longer but not as thick. David was steady and had a good rhythm he was trying to hit the right spot. I had at least two orgasms as David fucked me. Too soon David's cum joined Shane's. Chris moved into position and his cock was at least 8" and thick. It was curved to the right and had a nice big mushroom head. Amy moaned her hand was inside her shorts and the other was squeezing her tits. I dropped my robe. Amy smiled and told me she liked my tits. Amy pushed her shorts down and I saw a clean shaved pussy. She then pulled off her top and bra. I began to talk again. Chris pushed that hard cock into my slick pussy. He started slow and began to speed up. After about 15 minutes I had another orgasm. WHen my orgasm hit I felt Chris go into over drive. He fucked me like a k** fucks no control just a****l passion and soon his cum had found my pussy as well. My pussy was swollen but I wanted another cum. Mark stood up and he had a cock about 6" but it was thicker than anyone elses. The head pointed straight up even though the shaft pointed straight out. When he pushed in his cock hit my sweet spot. I had at least four orgasms just because his cock head hit my G spot everytime he pushed his cock in. It took just about 15 minutes for Mark to cum. I was laying there spent and didn't know if I could get up or walk. I felt hands all over me. Mouths finding my nipples and my mouth. Fingers playing in the cum hole. It felt so good and I was satisfied. Amy was moaning and bucking against her own hand I realized I was rubbing my clit my panties long since gone.

After her orgasm had subsided Amy looked at me and asked if she could have Eric come over and fuck her. I smiled at her. Eric fucked me Friday night. I dropped off your notebook at the high school as I was leaving for a party. Eric was coming out of the school. He chatted me up. I enjoyed the attention he was giving me. I really enjoyed bulge in his pants. He talked with me as I got in the car. I didn't smooth my skirt as I got in and made sure it rode up my thighs. I also leaned over and got into the glove box knowing my ass would be exposed. While I was leaned over I unbuttoned my top two buttons on my blouse. As I turned back to him he was leaning down getting a good view of my tits and my thighs. I touched him several times on the arm and finally he returned the favor and then leaned on his elbows coming into the car more. Our faces were inches apart when his hand cupped one of my tits. We drove to his house and went into the basement and he fucked me. He told me he was really turned on by you and wanted a mother/daughter notch. Amy laughed. She picked up her cell phone and pressed a number. Hi Eric this is Amy. She gigged as he attempted to charm her. She was flirting with him and rubbing her clit as she did. Finally she said what? What am I wearing? Well to tell you the truth I am sitting on the couch naked. No I am not k**ding. She said Ok just a sec. She hung up the phone. Handed her cell to me and said mom take a picture of me. I snapped a picture using her phone. She took her phone back and sent it to Eric. She laughed and said he wants to come over. I smiled and said ok. Amy said mom can you dress up for me? What do you mean Amy? The French Maid's outfit in your closet. Can you put it on and answer the door in it? I smiled and asked are you wanting him to cum by just walking into the house? We both laughed. I went into the bedroom. When I came back out. Amy looked at the outfit. My ample tits were filling shelf pretty good. Amy rolled my tits until my nipples were visible through the lace. She told me to take off the panties. I complied.

About 5 minutes later I answered the door. Eric's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw me. Eric come in how are you? Eric stammered an answer. He said he was looking for Amy. She is on the couch I think. Eric walked into the den. Amy was still sitting there naked. Eric came over and was about to kiss her when he looked up at me. Amy said Eric make up your mind are you wanting to fuck me or mom? Eric reached for her. As they kissed he looked at me. I raised my skirt and he was on fire. I left the room. After about 30 or 40 minutes I heard the door open and shut. I walked into the living room back in my robe and there lay my daughter on the couch looking thoroughly fucked.

We hugged and I told her that Eric was going to tell everyone. Amy said she hoped so....
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