Amy Growing Up

Amy was a typical teenage she and I (her mother) had the same arguments about clothes, boys, curfew and friends that most mosther and daughters have. Amy's father died when Amy was three. She never knew him. I could not find another man that I wanted to share everything with. I knew however the I would be dating so I set a rule; no dates at my house when Amy was there. No one dating me would meet my daughter. Amy would not know about her mother's private life. Those were the rules and they should be simple to follow. For 13 years they were very easy. Then she turned 16 and all hell broke loose.

My mom - April raised me very conservatively. When I was starting to have curves the panties and bras I was allowed to wear were simply awful. My friends wore frilly, girly panties and bras. Finally mom and I had it out when I was f******n and I started picking my own lingirie. Mom was gone every Friday and Saturday night. My cousin Pam would baby sit me until I was about f******n. Pam was like a big s****r. I did not know what mom did every weekend but she would not discuss anything with me about her private life as she called it. Sunday typically she slept until about 1 or 2 on Sunday's she would then come out and eat; read the paper and go take a bath and we would spend the rest of the afternoon and evening doing something together. Usually watching TV. One Sunday just like all the rest mom got up and ate but stood at the kitchen counter to eat instead of sitting at the table. She took her bath. She came out in her robe. Now mom is a stickler about how a lady sits and how a slut sits. Mom was sitting like a slut her legs wide apart. I started talking but was thinking she is one to lecture me. I wanted to go out with a senior on Friday. I was asking mom. She started lecturing me about what this boy wanted with me. I was getting mad why won't she let me have fun?

Amy was getting mad. She had told me about the senior boy I knew his reputation in fact I knew it personally. I knew he only wanted her to get his mother/daughter merit badge. How could I handle this? I tried explaining what type of boy Eric was. This made her madder. How could you know what kind of boy Eric is? The rules came in. Amy you know I don't talk about how I know some things but trust me.

Bullshit mom I screamed. Are you afraid I am going to have sex with him? What if that is exactly what I want? Then Eric and I are perfect for each other. He wants to fuck me according to your unnamed source and I want to fuck him according to me. What the hell is wrong with you? You sit on the couch like a slut your judgement by the way not mine. Are you telling me that since dad you have kept your legs closed tight? Mom you are having sex every weekend. You go out every Friday and Saturday and when you come in you are spent. Are you telling me that you are in an over emotional book club that drains you and causes you to have to sit like that?

Oh shit how could my little Amy know? Oh my goodness my legs are opened for business. What can I tell her? Do I break the rules? Amy please let me explain it's not that I don't want you to have fun. It's just that .... well...

Mom I want to move to Aunt June's house. I want out of here. Pam never had this problem with Aunt June. My mother started crying at these words.

Amy listen to me please I sobbed through my tears. I had to explain though it seemed I had indeed lost my little girl. I composed myself and dried the tears. I blew my nose and sat up trying to close my legs a little. Amy I loved your father very much he and I had a special relationship. Amy was calming down so I forged on. Your dad knew what I was from the moment we started dating. Most men in college called me a slut but your father wanted a woman who loved sex. He loved me for who and what I was. I was called nympho by many at college and your father heard those taunts. He would say to me while we were alone don't worry about it because it is true. But I love my sexy nymph. Your father would then make love to me. He had great staying power and always sought to give me all I wanted. Your father and I married on our wedding night his best man and friend helped your father satisfy me. Carl was his name. He died in the same car crash your father died in. The only time that your father and I ever abstained was when it was time to get pregnant. For three months before we started trying to get pregnant I stopped taking the pill and only your father had sex with me. Finally I was ready to start trying and two months later I was pregnant with you. We had sex every morning and every night right up until I went into labor. Six weeks after giving birth your father brought Carl over and Aunt June picked you up. That weekend I wore out your father and Carl. I know you are shocked. I know I am a terrible mother. Only with your father around could I control it. That was just the kind of man he was. After he died I had to seek an outlet. I created my private time. I didn't want to become like me. Aunt June and Pam are almost as bad. Amy I wanted you to have a normal life, marriage and k**s. I broke down again.

Mom I finally understand the rules, the keep your legs closed, the don't show off your body to boys. Oh my mom I am not a virgin. I lost it to Mark Thompson when I was thirteen. Ever since that night I have masturbated at least one time a day and many times on the weekends while you are gone. Pam and I talked about it one time she said that the women of our f****y are prone to wild sex. She said that Aunt Jane told her about you. But we all thought it had died with dad.

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What did the conversation start?
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