Boss Finds Out My Secret 4

The next afternoon Rick woke me up and told me to shower and get dressed to leave the hotel. We donned our professional roles and went to dinner at a nice steak house. I recognized others from the group session the night before. I saw one of the women who had been wearing a collar. She smiled at me and I at her. Her master raised his glass to Rick. After dinner Rick said he was going to a casino and told me I could go with him or go back and play at the hotel. I opted to go back to the hotel. I went to the room and showered again and got cleaned up. Took a git 'r up pill and waited. After about an hour I went down to the common room. I walked around in a vest and boots. I saw Brad fucking some young guy and knew his night was almost over. I smiled. I walked around and finally found what I had been looking for. The girl in the collar was standing naked before me. She had been written on with a marker. Whore on her forehead. Slut down her right thigh. Cock sucker across her belly. I smiled and she said my master said you can have me for the night but he wants to watch you fuck me like a whore first. I took her over to where her master sat. I had her spread her legs and bend over right in front of him. I shoved my cock into her pussy and started fucking her. I was verbal with her. The more I called her whore and slut and bitch the wetter she got. I saw her arch her back and I popped my cock out of her and her pussy gushed. I looked at him and he said take her for the night. We walked off her leash in my hand. We went to some cushions on the floor and I told her I wanted her to straddle my cock and fuck me. She was on my cock and was bouncing up and down. Soon we were joined by another woman who was wearing a black corsette, hose, garter belt and knee high boots. She straddle my face and told me to eat her cunt. I started licking her sucking her clit. Marti was the sub fucking me and Ann was the dom getting her cunt sucked. Ann moved her hips until I was licking her asshole. She was moaning and suddenly she was gone. In a moment we moved around the pillows and she sat in a chair more designed like a toilet. I was tonguing her asshole. I was looking at her wet pussy and just like that a cock was fucking her. Marti had another big orgasm and collapsed on me. My cock my thighs were all soaked. I told Marti to lay down and rest for a minute. Ann was moaning and her cum was dripping into my face every now and then. Soon her fucker was moving like a piston. His balls were almost tennis ball sized. He started cumming and Ann was moaning more. All of the sudden cum was everywhere this guy was cumming a bucket load. Ann's cunt was full and my face was covered. The cummer moved away and Ann told Marti to get up there and clean her pussy up. Marti jumped and started lapping up all of the cum on Ann. I had stopped licking her asshole and was cleaning the cum off of my face. I stood up with my hard cock and using the cummer's cum I greased up my cock. Marti was on all fours cleaning Ann. I pushed my cock into her round ass. As Marti finished giving Ann another orgasm I came into Marti's ass. I laid down on the pillows again and Marti started cleaning my cock.

I wondered if I could get the cummer to fuck my ass? No he would not fuck any guy. Too bad that much cum, wow!
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