Wedding Arrangements

A few years back weddings started becoming more themed. Geared towards the couples beliefs instead of the standard church wedding. Tony and Brenda were both divorcees who had met in the swinging arena. Both were swingers and had started pairing up to participate in parties. Tony realized they were compatible and they had been having great sex and he didn't want to risk losing Brenda to someone who would realize this would be the perfect woman to share with others; swinging; and living out fantasies. Tony proposed to Brenda. Breanda was very happy and immediately said yes. Now for wedding planning. They did not want the church wedding. Tony suggested they get married naked by a justice of the peace at a private hall. Brenda laughed and said can you see my mother sitting there watching us nude and exchanging vows. Tony's cock immediately sprang to life. Brenda laughed and said I guess you can. Tony and Brenda decided that they would talk to immediate f****y only. Tony's b*****r, mom and dad; Brenda's mom and two s****rs. They would ask everyone at the wedding to go nude or at least in sheer coverings. They would of course invite their swinging friends. They would have to explain to their families that if they came then no nieces and nephews or spouses. That there would be a public consumation of the marriage and if they could not handle that it would be better they not participate.

That night Tony fucked Brenda thinking of Brenda's mother fucking him at the wedding; Brenda fucking her dad and b*****r. This could be awesome. Tony sat down with his mom and dad and laid out the plan of the wedding. Tony's mom looked at her dad and said I don't think I can participate. Tony told her she did not have to do anything she didn't want to. Tony's dad said he would abide by his wife's decision. Tony left disappointed and called his b*****r on the way back to the apartment. His b*****r was excited by the prospect of seeing Brenda nude. Tony told Seth that he would probably have an opportunity to fuck Brenda at the reception. Seth said he would be there. Tony laughed and hung up. Brenda went to her mom's house. Brenda explained to her mom what her and Tony wanted to have as a weddding ceremony. Brenda's mom Paula knew what kind of girl Brenda had always been but she had loved her. Paula said you want a 62 year old woman to be nude at your wedding. Yes Brenda said and that if she would consent to even let Tony have sex with her. Paula laughed and said she would love to have sex with a live man instead of a vibrator. She wanted to be there for her daughter but she couldn't do it if her s****rs attended. Brenda looked down and said that both of her s****rs had declined. Paula asked about what types of things would happen? Brenda told her that at the reception after she and Tony fucked that she and Tony would be at everyone's dispoal so to speak. f****y first of course. Paula squeezed one of her huge tits and squeezed her thighs together.

That night Tony fucked Brenda telling her about Seth's lewd comments and Brenda told him that Paula wanted him to fuck her as well. Tony exploded in Brenda's pussy. About that time Tony got a call from his parents wanting to meet he and Brenda about the wedding business. Tony told Brenda and instead of cleaning up Brenda pulled on a pair of panties and a sun dress and flip flops. Tony pulled on shorts and a shirt and flip flops. Tony tweaked Brenda's nipples all the way to his parent's house. Tony told her to be shameless with his dad. They both laughed. Brenda said only if you are going to do your mom as well. Dan and Mary were a little shocked to see so much of Brenda as she came in the house and then to see Tony obviously free styling with his semi hard cock in his shorts. They all discussed the wedding and Tony explained their life style choice. He also explained that after he fucked Brenda at the ceremony that they could kiss her and leave. They did not have to stay for the reception. Brenda told them just like she told Paula what the reception would be like. Dan was eyeing Brenda's barely covered tits. Her nipples pushing through the thin material. He wanted to see this woman's body and in truth he wanted to fuck her. Mary could see that her husband was ready to go with this. She had been trying to years to get him interested in sex again. To get him on Viagra or what ever it took to get his cock working again. Maybe this was it. Mary looked at Tony and asked was he going to fuck his own mom if she got in his line? Tony told her he had wanted to fuck her since he was young. Mary leaned over to Dan and whispered if you want to fuck this hot woman here you are going to have to get a doctor's appointment and some pills. Dan pulled back from her and nodded vigorously. Mary asked Brenda if she would recommend a groomer so that her pussy would be trimmed and ready for the wedding. Brenda stood and let her sun dress hit the ground. Dan was rubbing his flacid dick. Tony smiled as Brenda said my panties are full of your son's cum just wanted to warn you. She dropped her panties. Brenda showed Mary her trim job on her pussy. She spread her legs and told them to make themselves at home with her.
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