MW4M CL Ad for Sub Bi-Male

I got home from work. Horny and bored with no relief in site. I went to Craig's list just cruise the ads. I came across an ad looking for a mature bi WM. The picture included with the ad was the guy's cock. The ad was for a sub bi-WM mature. Must be willing to service him and her. I thought what the hell and responded with an email and thought this will never happen. About 5 minutes later I get an email with directions to their house. In the directions it told me to come in through the garage and in the utility room strip. Now this was strange but I was horny and ready. I emailed back and said after a shower I would be headed that way. In approximately 30 minutes I pulled up to a modest ranch style home. I parked in the drive way and walked into the garage. A note on the door said do not knock walk in and strip and proceed to the den. In the utility room I stripped out of my clothes and walked into the house. I walked through the kitchen and heard a tv playing porn. I followed the sound into the den. I saw a guy probably in the late 50's early 60's sitting in a chair naked. His uncut cock was semi erect. He told me a sub greets his master with a kiss. I walked over to his chair. As I leaned down he said on his cock. I moved to his cock and kissed the tip. I opened my mouth for his cock, but he didn't move. He said that we needed to get some house keeping taken care of. He led me into a bathroom. There stood a woman about 6' tall late 40's tattoos covered most of her body. There was a table in the bathroom and I was told to lie on it. She raised up some stirups and I put my legs in them. She pulled a bottle out of the sink. She gave me an enema, John explained that he liked clean ass no shit. Bonnie laughed and said my ass would be ready pretty soon. After she had filled my ass. She told me to get up but don't make a mess. I moved to the toilet and relieved myself. Afterwards we repeated the process. Once this was complete I showered again. Once I was out Bonnie stuck a small tube in my ass and I felt something warm flowing in me. Bonnie told me to put on the black panties that were lying on the counter and then come to the den.

I walked into the den my cock pushing against the tiny panties I was wearing. I walked over to John and bent over and kissed his cock. This time his cock pushed into my mouth and I started sucking him. He pulled out of my mouth and Bonnie said she wanted a turn. I moved between her more that ample thighs and was licking her pussy. I was on all fours. I felt John push apart my ass cheeks. I felt his tongue licking over my asshole. I love being rimmed. My cock was pushing the panties out further. I was still lapping at Bonnie's cunt. She was talking to John telling him what a good cunt licker I was. John laughed and asked her if she was ready to blow. She moaned almost. John stopped licking my ass and moved his cock to my hole. Bonnie ordered me to suck her clit until her pussy was in my mouth. I sucked her clit into my mouth and tried sucking any other part of her pussy. I felt her open her lips. She told me to suck her clit hard. I did. I felt John slide his cock into my ass. Bonnie moaned and asked if I was tight. John said like a glove. He started fucking me but Bonnie was pulling her nipples and moaning. I could tell she was close. I sucked even harder and she pulled open her pussy. I was soaked as she came. I opened my mouth and she shot her squirt in my mouth. My face was soaked. John was getting after my ass. Bonnie told him she wanted to roll. He pulled out and I got on the floor on my back. John pulled my legs up and slid back in. Bonnie brought a bouncer over and straddled it. She started fingering her wet pussy. She was going to squirt again. John was grunting and told me that I needed to have my mouth on that pussy when it squirted. Drink it all. It didn't take Bonnie too long to start cumming again. I clamped my lips around hers and almost drowned. Her cum was all over my face and neck. She got off the bouncer and went over to John. She was watching John's cock disappear into my ass. She told me that I was going to spend some quality time with John's cock. I felt John pull out of me and he moved to the couch I moved over to him on all fours and started sucking his cock. He leaned back and told me not to stop until his cock had cum into my mouth. I felt Bonnie behind me. I looked back and saw a two headed dildo in her hand she slid one end into my ass. She got on all fours and the other end disappeared and I don't know where. John pulled his cock out of my mouth rolled his hips. His asshole was right in front of my face. I started licking his asshole. Soon he was moaning while jacking his rod. He dropped his legs and his big balls slid down my face. He yelled open your fucking cock sucking mouth. I opened and he started fucking my face. He came and came thick spunk was running down my throat and my chin. After he was through Bonnie pulled the dildo out of my ass. Bonnie had me get up and pulled my panties down. Her and John started playing with my cock. Bonnie sucked my cock into her mouth and John was telling me to cum. Soon I came and Bonnie slurped up every drop. John told me to kiss Bonnie. Bonnie fed me my load.

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2 years ago
wish i had answered that add.
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
why cant I find an ad like this?