Out with Dad and Friends 2

Frank came in the next morning to our cabin. He swatted my ass and said it was time to get up and fish. I moved to the bathroom and heard him ask Ronny if his blowjob was satisfying. Ronny laughed and said he tried to drown me with his cum. Frank smiled. I put on some utility shorts and a shirt and slid into my flip flops and headed to the boat. Frank said I would be with Dad and Ronny in his boat. Frank, Bubba, and Roy would be in Roy's boat. We headed out and started fishing. By 10:00 Ronny and I were ready for a nap and dad and his friends were ready for the bar. I went to my room and crashed. I woke up a few hours later. Bubba was sitting on the bed smiling at me. He said I needed to shower up. I had no idea what Bubba was going on about. Then I noticed his shorts were unbuttoned and his cock was peeking above the zipper. I moved into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I got in the curtain opened up and Bubba moved behind me. I was letting the water refresh me. Bubba got the bar of soap and started washing my back and soon his attention was on my ass. His meaty fingers made sure I was clean inside and out. I finally turned to rinse the soap from my ass. Bubba's cock was standing out in front of him hard and wanting to be sucked. I knelt on the shower floor and started sucking him. Before long he pushed my face off of his cock. We got out of the shower and went to the bed. He pulled out some baby lotion and coated his thick cock. He pushed his big finger into my ass to lube up my hole. Bubba pulled his finger out and pushed his cock into me. Bubba wasn't verbal like Frank he was grunting concentrating on his cock and my ass. Pretty soon the wetness on our bodies was sweat. Finally Bubba was sounding like a pig grunting. I felt his cum in my ass. After he came he sat on the bed and told me that Frank had told him my talent. He was glad because he liked to fuck ass and his old lady said that was a no no. I shook my head and laughed. Bubba said they were planning a special for tonight but that he needed something to take the edge off.

Later that evening after supper I was walking with Frank and he said that he had a surprise for me. He turned to the rest of the group headed back to the cabin and told them we needed to secure the boat. We went to the old boat house by the lake. There was tarp hung up so that the boat house was cut in half. I noticed two holes cut into the tarp. Frank moved the tarp and I could see a padded bench. He showed me that one person could stick their cock through a hole and walk to my mouth while another one could fuck my ass. He told me to strip. He started licking my asshole. He pulled out a bottle of lube and pushed the tip into my asshole. He squirted a good portion of it into my ass. He moved to the other side of the tarp securing the edges. He said I wasn't to talk when the others came in just suck and fuck. Frank walked out and I waited. I was really horny thinking that he, Bubba and probably Ronny were going to fuck me and have me suck them. I heard the door open and Frank was laughing and I heard him explain that they could not look through the holes only stick a cock through the hole. He explained that their slut would satisfy all of the needs. I felt a cock slide through the hole near my ass and felt a smaller cock in my ass. Then I saw a cock moving towards me in the other hole. The guy in my ass came. Then another cock took his place. It seemed like I was fucking and sucking the whole hotel. Finally I heard Frank say that their slut probably needed rest after all the loads of cum the slut had taken. I heard several feet move to the door. Finally the tarp moved and Frank came to me. He started sucking my hard cock. I came in his mouth and he moved up and kissed me giving me my own cum. I dressed and walked into my cabin. Ronny was waiting.

After Frank left Ronny told me that Roy had fucked me, Bubba had gotten a blow job, Ronny ahd fucked me and then gotten a blow job. Frank fucked me and that my dad had gotten a blow job and fucked me. Ronny dropped his shorts and I saw cum dried on his cock. He asked if I wanted him to suck me. I dropped my shorts a cum stain in the bottom of them. Ronny sucked me until I came.

What a time it was....
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2 years ago
I like this Frank guy!
2 years ago
liked the idea of 2 glory holes being used at the same time.
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
good and hot story. i love those kind of games... :-)
2 years ago
Nice, loved that.
2 years ago
mmmm nice!!!!!!!!!!!!