Hotel Surprise

Working in the big city has it's perks and drawbacks. The other night some of my coworkers and I went out for a small celebration at a local restaurant. Everyone ordered drinks and we enjoyed our latest professional success. Finally the crowd thinned out and I was leaving with some others. One of the guys suggested a place near the art center for the city to listen to some soft jazz and blues. A few of us met there and were nursing drinks not really wanting to get d***k just feel good. I noticed an attractive woman sitting by herself at a small table. Our eyes met several times and finally I walked over and sat down and we made small talk. My coworkers had left already and I said I needed to go Ange asked if I would like to come to her hotel room for a night cap? I said sure thinking this never happens to me. We walked out of the night spot and she told me her hotel name and room number and handed me a key. I said I would see her there. I got to the hotel a very nice hotel. I went up to the floor and let myself in. Ange was there and was wearing a tube top and thong panties. No pretense we started kissing. Soon I had her top down and was sucking on her nipples. I stripped and she had the tube top off but her panties still on. She started sucking my cock and I could not believe how good that felt. Soon I wanted to eat some pussy. She told me she liked her clit sucked and she wanted me on my knees when she pulled her panties off. She pulled them off and fuck she had a dick. About 4" long and limp. She moved up and pushed her soft cock against my lips I opened and she only got semi hard about 5" but not thick I moved to her ass and started licking. I saw a bottle of lube on the night stand and slicked up my cock and her ass. I was soon riding this little surprise. I finally came when I move off of her she had a full 7" hard on. She reached for the lube and greased me up. Fuck You Fuck Me was her motto. My ass wasn't really ready for the assault but we moved to a missionary position and her tits swinging while she fucked me made this hotter than I wanted it to be she started cumming and I couldn't believe how good it felt.

We lay down exhausted. She told me that she picked me because her daddy was a fixation for her. I have her number.

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2 years ago
Nothing wrong with a nice surprise!
2 years ago
Wow gotta get that number thanks
2 years ago
I'd call her back!