My b*****r and the Taos Cousins Reunion

While I was growing up my b*****r Big Tom was 2 years older than me. When he got into Jr. High he started going through puberty. He started growing pubic hair his cock started getting bigger and he had hardons almost all of the time. We shared a room so I had a front seat view. When Big Tom was a freshman that summer my dad's b*****r, wife and three sons came to town for a visit. Big Tom was 15, Allen was 15 also, Jake and Gage were twins and were almost 17. I was the youngest at 13. We were in the back yard sl**ping outside. I heard Tom and Allen talking about jacking off and how good it felt. Gage told Allen he needed some relief and Allen went over to Gage and started jacking his cock. I was amazed. Tom was jacking his own cock. Jake pulled his out. Everyone but me had a big cock. Allen told Gage it wasn't fair Tom was his age and he didn't have to be the girl. Jake said it is the youngest that serves the oldest. Tom looked my way and so did Allen. Jake said Tom come here and service me and then you and Allen can have little Donnie service you. So I really did not want this but looking at the way my cousins all looked at me and my b*****r looked at me and I knew if he didn't get this there might be a bad time. So I stripped like everyone else. Tom started jacking Jake but Jake told him he wanted a blow job not a hand job. Allen didn't pause he started sucking Gage. Once the twins had cum Tom and Allen were both trying to get into my mouth at the same time. Tom finally pushed his cock into my mouth and he did not last long. Allen was the same way. Once they were through they laid down to sl**p. I felt my cock being sucked Gage was sucking me. Jake was on all fours behind me and started licking my ass crack. That was my first experience with my cousins. Over the next 11 months I service my b*****r almost every night. He would jack me off every night and once a week or so would blow me. 11 months after that night our families met in Taos at a camp ground. The five of us boys would be sl**ping in one tent and mom & dad in another and my uncle & aunt in the last. We were going to be there a week.

That night as we got into the tent Jake announced while in the tent at night everyone must be naked. Gage brought out some oil and magazines. Gage said we were all going to lube our cocks with oil. When we were sufficiently greased he said we would have a circle jerk. This was not like the circle jerk my friends and I had. One person stood and moved around the circle and everyone had to jack his cock for 60 seconds. When that guy came whoever he came on would be next to go around the circle or pic someone. We drew straws and Allen went first. He came on Gage. Gage went around and came on me. I went around and came on Allen I picked Jake. He went around and came on me. I picked Tom and he went around and came on Allen. Jake had Allen and Gage move over and he got me on all fours and spread my ass and started licking my asshole. Soon I realized that everyone was watching us. Jake move and Gage took over. I could feel their tongues pusing past my asshole. Allen was next and was even more agressive about tonguing me. Finally Tom moved behind me and I felt his tongue in my hole. Spit was dripping off of my balls and they were all hard again.

One week in Taos as the tent bitch...
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1 year ago
Wish I was there
2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
more more more
2 years ago
This is goood; give us the rest please!
2 years ago
Sounds like fun...
2 years ago
I will Second Timme271
2 years ago
ya more please ,,,,:P
2 years ago
dude tell us more please....:P