the best whore ever

so it was a long weekend with nothing to do and i was feeling very hard i was driveing to the local stoll to see if i could get lucky and find a one of the working girls i see or mabe get lucky and find a good new one just starting out there now i wont lie i got very kinky tast love to bareback and love to clean up and gods do i love the wild nasty ones who do anything so i had drove up and down a few times and couldntget a break jept just missing the one i know and know how nasty they are i pulled over at a conaco to get some gas and piss as i had been drinkin alot of soda when i got done and hit the stroll again i looked over and my hart stoped i seen my neice getting into a car at first i was like nooo it couldnt be so i fallowed to see and yes it was i sat in my car and watch her fuck this black guy like that was that last cock she will ever have when she was done she just got out and was fixin her cloths he drove off i hurried up and pulled right up she was still fixin her cloths and just opend the car door and asked if i was lookin before she seen it was me and before she could say anything i said hell yes when she seen it was me she first had a blank look and then realized i had cought her cold to right lol she then tried to make up an excuse and that was when i told her i would never tell i then asked her if that black man she had just fucked was good when she relized that i was hard she then told me how she loved black cock i asked really?? and just reached over and grabed her pussy it was soaking wet she had this smile that mmmm wow i knew she had fucked him bareback with how her pussy was ozzing i told her i can tell she enjoyed it with how open her pussy still wasthen i pulled my hadn out with her and his cum all over it and licked my fingers her eyes got wide open she smiled and then said ok lets play then i told her yes but i wanted to go to my place so we can truely enjoy it well driveing home i asked her how long she had been working the stroll she let me know shes been doing it for 2 yr already she would go out a few nights a week date 10 - 15 guys then go home and that the guy i cought her with was the 12th one that night and none of them wore condoms my cock was acking when she told me when we got to my house as soon as we got inside she had her cloths off and i was on my knees i had to tast her cum filled pussy and gods it was amazeing and it really blew mmy mind that such a sexy petite girl would have such a gappeing pussy after i lickedher clean she let me know i was the first man to ever do that she then sucked me so good when i shot my load into her mouth she looked up to show me i pulled her up and we kissed so deep she had me so hot my cock just stayed hard i turned her around and ramed it in her ass she backed into it so good after my seconded load we just layed ther and she told me about how many guys and girls shes had and how long shes been fucking every cock she could i gave her 50 bucks and drover her home told her if she was willing i wanted to play the nexted day and take her to a gloryhole see her get a gangbang i will write about that fun next
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2 years ago
very bad english.