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when i meet her i was still in the closet about being bi and well my sex life was bland to say the least she had me wiped for go the first night we got together she pulled my paints down started to suck me like nobody has ever before and when i shoot my load she had it all in her mouth stood up and kissed me deep before i could stop it i was tasting my oen cum and it was so hot next thing i knew i was licking her clean after i shot another load in her pussy it wasnt much more than a week later that i would end up getting home and she would be haveing someone at home with her fucking her good eather a man a few men or a woman hell she had so many guys at our house it looked like a lockerroom lol so i got home one day she was on the floor takeing this buge black cock in her ass it blew my mind to see her lil ass take every inch of that cock there were 8 black guys there all takeing there turn on her filling one of her holes of the other she had cock in her mouth ass pussy when she seen me there she called me had me get undressed i was licking her clean as i felt a cock go in my ass hearing all the guys there tell me how good she was and that they loved to fuck her good tasting there cum drip from her pussy feeling my ass get used good then feeling hands trun my head so i could suck cock with her when they left we were both laying on the floor covered in cum that was one of the best fuck partys she trew
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2 years ago
well then take my man card i love to clean up hell i have even paid to suck a few guys
2 years ago
Periods. Spaces. Hit the ENTER key.
2 years ago
shit like that will make you revoke you man card...
you will lose your man status if you let men fuck both you and your lady...
come on MAN UP MOFO!!!