my favorite blowjob

yrs ago there was this one reststop right of the hywy in ft collins i was driveing tru one night it was on a friday night and i was horny as hell i was still in the closet about being bi but i knew that at night the reststop was a hang out for gay men i pulled in went to the restroom checked it out seen this one man who was tall built and looked to good walked up and asked how he was i looked down and seen his cock hanging out he was huge had to be atleast 10 inches and thick before he could say anything once i seen his cock i was on my knees fast as hell i had his cock in my mouth gaging as i did everything to get it all in my mouth i knew i was doing a good job as i felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me to suck every inch and wow was it so good after a few minites i felt his cock start to trob i knew he was gonna cum and wow did he i could only swallow half the load he shot out i had cum all over my face on my shirt was he pulled back i found out i had a small crowed watching me suck him for all i could i heared them chear me on and before i could even start to clean myself of i had another hard cock in my face and all i could do was start to suck it as i did i felt my self being pulled up and someone takeing my paints of at this point i was game for anything as the tast of that first load was so good and only made me even hotter than i was when i first got there i was so excited as i was still a vergin in my ss still but i knew not for long lol next thing i knew i felt the presher of someones cock as they started to push into my ass gods did it hurt so good he started to go slow then hard and fast slaping my as as he fucked me i felt him cum and as i felt the first cock pull out of my ass i felt another one go in all i could do was do my best to suck the cock i had in my mouth at the end of the night i had sucked 9 cocks and had 5 cocks in my as it was all i could do to walk back to my car so i could drive home after that night i made a trip there at least once a month till they closed it down and yes when i was drieing home i felt like suck a total cock slut and mmmm loved it
93% (10/1)
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2 years ago
wow lucky bistard mmmmm

where is this place?

were they shemales?

thanks biguy222 great story

5 stars and favored mmmmm