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- big, firm tits (I can consider even well-done implants) with medium nipples: I really like when they pop out from a shirt/singlet/bra like it was too tight to contain them; I go crazy when it is pulled up.
perfect tits are milky, soft but firm, weight but tight, with pink (or light colored) nipples and medium aureolas (a large nipple is better than a small one); moreover nipples should be a little bit divergent and must look up; last but not least, the attachment between breasts mustn't absolutely be bony or too wide;
- feet and long meaty toes, with not so large or long nails; I can appreciate polish (color depends on kind of skin) or a discrete french;
- I could die for legs with thin ankles and athletic calves; I'm not a freak for girls asses (even if obviously I can appreciate a lot them) but I think that if a woman has beautiful legs it is difficult she has an ugly bottom;
- girls who love tasting cum and don't dodge cumshots, but like enjoying a good oral creampie and even let drip some sperm drops;
- good, passionate handjobs/blowjobs, better if in public places;
- real squirting girls (not pissing);
- vintage movies, better if french, with REAL beautiful women that you could even meet any day;
- girls moaning while sucking and slurping loudly;
- double blowjob (I mean, two girls sucking one man) and/or double cumshot (the same man coming more than once in the same clip);
- some hentai;
- any kind of disguise, from pseudo-science fiction movies to historical costumes (better if quite credible, don't like clearly fake nuns or nurses with plastic/leather dresses);
- porn movies with at least a sort of plot/screenplay/adherence to reality: because of that I really like alpha france porn or vintage movies in general;

- poor impotent men who need to wank on girls faces to get orgasm;
- from a physcal point of view, horrible fat black girls (mhhh, even white :/) and asian girls in general (no tits);
- humiliation or violence against women in porn (but I enjoy a painful anal ^^,);
- bony or dirty feet;
- american porn-dolls all look alike;
- fat/chubby girls with small tits;
- pissing, pooping, throwing-up;
- girls who stops shaking cock when the guy is coming - what the hell after a bite it's the worst thing it could happen;
- gangbang facials (with the classic men ejaculating on each others);
- too long, squared, polished nails (no florence griffith please);
- throat-fucking;
- giant tattoos that disfigure bodies;
- girls staring at man face while sucking: you've to stay focused on the dick, don't be insicure and don't watch if the guy is enjoying your job, just suck;
- japanese girls moanings: I dont want to listen to a fawn with the a leg in a trap when I watch a porn;

I'll try to follow this *rules* in publishing clips, I'll just upload movies that I'd like to watch: that's why I'm sure you won't be stingy in posting comments on my videos! don't deny a modest tribute to my ego and feel free to comment everything you liked (or you didn't like!) :)

most of the times I don't know pornstars names: if you recognise them please write their names on comments and I'll try to find other clips of your beloved horny bitch (if I think it worths :P)

oh, and I'm sorry guys, don't want to sound unpleasant but
1) I accept friendship requests only from people:
- who has no penis in avatar;
- with nearly my interests (please no tranny or gay);
- adding new videos.
2) I can't thank each of you one by one for your comments: I'd really like to do it but seriously I can't spend even more time as I'm already doing on this site!

feel free to correct my english, and remember... "girls with small tits are like pants without pockets: you never know where to put your hands" :D


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4 months ago
great profile
5 months ago
Requesting your friendship, friend ! thx.
10 months ago
great profile, thanks for sharing.
11 months ago
thx,good profile;)
1 year ago
big tits = best tits
1 year ago
great profile! :) i like it :)
1 year ago
There are Huge numbers of mediocre pages on xHamaster?
There are lots of good pages!
There are very few great pages?
THIS! Is one of them!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Thank you for your lovely comment:)

Number 12 doesn't exist as it didn't make it beyond the waiting area. I will, however, try and slip the scenes from number 12 into future compilations. I don't give up easily...haha.
2 years ago
nice page..with some worthy vidoes i came across..
2 years ago
2 years ago
nice pics and vids! keep up the good work! greetings, A:
2 years ago
Great profile, thanks for your comment!
2 years ago
big thx for the invite
2 years ago
Great stuff, man. Cheers
2 years ago
Thank you for your lovely comment :) You have some great videos!
2 years ago
tys for comment
2 years ago
thanks for the invite
2 years ago
Thanks for your comments!
2 years ago
Thank you.Iam glad you like it.
2 years ago
Dont know who's the blowing lady or movie. Sorry.
2 years ago
Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm sure you will let me know if the quality of my compilations slip! :)
2 years ago
nice profile!
2 years ago
"@pacosbill: you can always show us how you can speak italian. so don't piss me off and enjoy the clip."
--> haha
2 years ago
good words, man!
2 years ago
Thanks again :)
2 years ago
Thank you and I am glad that my compilations are giving you so much enjoyment :) Number 12 is on the way.
2 years ago
Excellent profile bigtoelover. Thanks for all your hard work.
2 years ago
Haha...thank you for your comment :)

I´m away on holiday at present. Number 9 will follow sometime next week when I return home.
2 years ago
Hello - accepted of course >: )

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