Farther In Law Fucks Kylie

Patrick was a married man until his wife had left him and since it had been 4 months, Patrick still hadn’t had sex with another woman, His friends took him to a local nightclub were they tried fixing Patrick up with some local girls but it just wasn’t happening. Patrick was down hearted and headed back home d***k.

When he got inside his home he found his son’s girlfriend Kylie sitting on the sofa wearing only her bra and thongs, Kylie was hot, blonde hair biggish tits and she liked cock a lot. She asked Patrick if he got lucky and he went in a huge mood swing going mad. Patrick then said he would do anything for some pussy. With that Kylie spread her legs on the sofa, moved her thong to the side revealing her shaved pussy and said to Patrick name your price and its all yours. As his son was out Patrick wasted no time chucking a wad of cash on the table and began kissing Kylie on the sofa.

Immediately his fingers started playing with Kylies clit, trying to get her wet and horny, which didn’t take to long. Patrick pulled down his trousers pulled out his cock and started placing it by Kylie’s pussy lips, Kylie lead him in and slowly he pushed his cock into his son’s girlfriends pussy. Kylie grabbed hold of Patrick’s ass cheeks and pulled him deep in to her making her groan out loud. Patrick started with a slow pace his cock sliding in and out Kylie’s pussy with ease; she was taking his cock deep in her cheating pussy. Each time Patrick drove his cock in Kylie, she would pull his ass cheeks against her making her take more of his cock in her pussy, Patrick placed one hand down by her pussy and started rubbing her clit while his cock still pounded her. The sofa was taking a good fucking to, it had moved due to Patrick’s huge poundings Kylie was taking. Patrick started playing with her titties, sucking and biting on them making her hornier. Still Patrick’s fingers worked Kylie’s clit as his cock drove home. She could take much more and Patrick pulled out. Kylie spread her legs and Patrick got closer to her as she began sucking his cock. It just managed to fit in the cheating girlfriends mouth as she began sucking him slowly at first getting used to his huge dick. She began playing with his balls whilst near to deepthroating him. Patrick held her hair out of her face as he looked down on her sucking him off. Patrick was moaning in joy as she gave him a great blowjob. Wanking him every time she needed air. Patrick didn’t want any more cock sucking, instead he told Kylie to get in doggy as he began pounding her ass. His cock drove deep in her as her tits swayed back and fourth, Kylie was crying out in joy due to the fucking she was getting from her farther in law, Patrick held her ass cheeks occasionally slapping them as he was building up to cumming in her. Just a few more strokes and he had blown his load deep into Kylie’s pussy. He collapsed on her back groaning what a great fuck he just had.

Finally he pulled his cock free from her as she cleaned his last bits of cum from his cock head. Patrick got changed and headed up stairs leaving Kylie to clean up the mess and her pussy, which was dripping of cum.
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4 years ago
That was dreadful. What are you 12? It was like some adolesents fantasy.