Naughty School Girl Wife Gives Handjob

Tina was a hot older women in her mid 30’s, she had huge tits and a big fat but sexy ass, she was dressed up in her naughty school outfit looking very sexy. She had gone along with her work friends to a nightclub that had a school disco event going on. Once inside everyone was dressed in school uniform, the club was packed to the max. Tina and her friends headed onto the crowded dance floor and began boogieing away to their classic old school songs. After a while a younger guy caught Tina’s attention, he kept glancing over to her and giving the hot wife a cheeky smile, He looked no older than 22 and Tina was quite turned on as she wasn’t the slimmest of women in the nightclub, yet she was getting attention from a hot young stud. After a few more drinks and dance’s Tina went to the toilet, when she came back out her young stud was waiting there for her, He handed over a vodka and coke and introduced himself as Darren, Tina was took back by her young studs charm as the pair chatted for a while before Darren lead Tina onto the dance floor for a dance. Before long Tina was d***k and Darren asked if she wanted to go outside for some fresh air, Tina was in need for a cigarette anyway and she agreed so off they went out the exit doors for some fresh air.

When they got outside Tina lit up her cigarette and Darren placed his hand on her firm ass cheek, you cheeky bugger Tina smiled at her young stud before they looked each other in the eye as Darren learned and kissed Tina on her sweet red lips, she at first was taken back but then she kissed Darren back and they were soon locked in a very passionate kiss outside the club. Darren was getting a good feel of Tina’s big ass moving his hands all over her big ass cheeks.

Tina then grabbed her young studs hand and lead him into the dark alley just around the side of the club. Tina again locked in a kiss with her lover and was soon unzipping his jeans pulling them down to his ankles. Out sprang Darren’s big cock, it was at least 8 inches and Tina’s face was a picture, she had never seen a cock so big never mind touched one. She couldn’t waste anytime and started giving Darren a handjob. Her hand slid up and down his dick and occasionally Tina would play with his balls, her hand was going fast up and down his shaft making Darren’s cock grow bigger in size, still locked in a kiss, Darren’s hands had drifted into Tina’s top and he was playing with her married nipples. Tina then placed her hand and spitted on it then moved it back onto Darren’s cock giving herself some sort of lube so she could wank him faster. Darren was moaning in joy as this hot wife gave him a handjob at the back of the nightclub. Tina was wanking him back and fourth, back and fourth really quick and he was near to shooting his load, Tina got on her knees and started sucking him aswell as wanking his huge dick and within minutes he had to explode and did so in Tina’s mouth, a huge dump load entered her married mouth as it started dribbling down her chin. Tina stood up and wiped her mouth with her hand. She placed her tits back in her top and sorted out her skirt. She smiled at Darren and sighed wow that was incredible baby you spunk a lot she giggled as Darren did his jeans zipper up.

Tina lit up another cigarette and then entered back into the club were she caught back up with her friends who were all smiling asking her were she had been the naughty school girl…………………
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4 years ago
That was better, I just wish you didn't keep calling him a stud. It's a little corny.
4 years ago
naughty lady
4 years ago