ex wifes new cleanig job

this happend a few years ago my ex wife told me whot happend and i still get turned on thinkin about it tina was 24 are son had just started school she saw advert 4 house cleaner 4 3 hours a week in newsagents so she phoned it up and guy anserd and said his wife was in hospital but she could come 4 a chat about job next day about 11am so she got home told me about it and said whot should i wear i jockinly said someing sexy as he was on his wife wouldent be there the next day i was on 2till 10 shift so got 2 see whot she was wearing tina came in kichen said this ok she had low cut red top and microw denim skirt i said she lookt hot tina nockt on there door and guy anserd they went in the lonnge were he said his name was eddie and said wifes was linda and shed be in hospital 4 anothere week he made her a coffee tina said when he give her a coffee he stared down at her tits they chated a while he said hed bin retired 4 4 years my wife said u fin work early then eddie said how old do u think i am she said about 59 eddie said u made my day iam 69 next month she then crost her legs his eyes watchin as she said u dont look it then he said shall i show u round he took her round house and got 2 bedrooms said this is my wifes room then he took her 2 his bedroom and said this is my room and tina lookt at him he said we havent slept togethere 4 over 10 years u look surprizes tina said sorry dident mean 2 he said thats ok wife wanted sep rooms then said do u want job tina said yes eddie said u can have it if u dress like that tina said will your wife be ok with it eddie said u can clean wensday morning shes out then seein her s****r all day she smiled and said ill wear anything u want eddie said u think iam dirty old perve tina said no eddie said just like watchin u clean in those cloths remind me whot a sexy lady is like tina said thats ok ill dress 2 please eddie said bet u wont take your top off and skirt and clean like that tina smiled and said if i cloes curtans he went over and closed curtens and said u want start now tina said u serius he said thats ok if u dont whont 2 she took her top off she had no bra on and then her skirt she just had red lace thong on eddie said ive died and gone 2 heavan she started hovering he had his hand in his pocket and she said vacumes not suckin up very well and sterd at his cock in his trousers she told me she was realy turned on him watchin her eddie said i bet your hubby says your a good sucker tina says i have no complants eddie said bet u dont tina said uve got nice bulge in there do u want 2 show me it without a word he took is pants down and his cock shot out tina walkes over said u are a big guy as she grips it roun her hand and slowly wanks him he starts feelin her tits and says your so sexy she gets on her knees and starts suckin him within 2 mins hes sayin hes cumin she just carries on and he shoots in her mouth she then sits on bed and takes her nicks off and opens hrr legs wide and says your turn he goes down on her 4 over a hour she lost count how many times she cum then he said iam hard again can i put it in you tina said yes he fuckt her 4 about 5 mins b4 he shot his cum in her they got dresst and he give her 20 pounds then said heres a bonus bye yourself something nice and give her anothere 20 pounds and said see u wendsday and said thank you very much i loved it hope u turn up tina said i never cum so much cant wait 2 tell my hubby when he gets home he looket suprized tina said he like me gettin fuckt and me goin home tellin him all about it eddie said tell him hes 1 lucky guy hope we can do a lot more 4 u 2 tell him she kisst him and left
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