my wires best freind part two

i got text from sue at 6pm saying see u in hour just gettin dresst 4 u half hour later iam takein my wife 2 sues 2 baby sit and mal says did i mind givein sue lift 2 town as she got meet ner new guy in town i said no probs we got 2 surs and sue lookt stuning she said hi and went in kictchen with mal sue shouted ill be 5 mins two me and i could here mal askin who she was meetin sue said u want aprove hes married mal says u want 2 dress diffrent 2 that or he will just want get in2 your nicks and not bother gettin 2 no u sue says i hope so i havent been with guy 4 while sue says i got 2 go u ready 2 give me a lift i said yes and we left we drove off and sue said shall we go 4 drink 1st we went in pub only few in there i got the drinks and sat down sue said did u enjoy last night i said yes it was best blow job ive had i said how come u did it sue said u want some more dont u yes sue said mal had showen her are holiday pics and she hadent taken the naked ones ov u out and she said 2 mal how lucky she was 2 have guy with such big cock i said whot did mal say 2 that sue said mal said sex was great but u was sex mad wanted it all the time and once or twice a week was enogth 4 her then when mal left i got my toy and stared thinkin ov u fuckin me every night ive been doin it thickin ov u since then sue say i love mal shes my best mate i just cant stop thinkin about u and whot she doesnt no and kisses me and whispers in my ear are we goin now and puts her hand on her leg and i start feelin her leg and shes puts my hand up her skirt and says u like shes got no nicks ive gone bare 4 u i no u like it like thst i looked and sue says mals told me few times uve askt her 2 shave her pussy 4 u but she said she wouldent at this time her pussy was realy wet and i said were shall we go then sue said how about yours it took me 15 mins 2 drive home it seemed ages we got in2 the house and we were all over each othere whinin mins we were naked on sofa and me suckin on those great big nips they were that big u could havet hanged a coathanger off then and they were realy senative she was statted 2 cum and hadent got anywere near her pussy then she pusht my head down 2 her pussy and i started lickin and eatin her cum she was goin mad realy load and lovin it i was down there 4 a while and sue said fuck me i want your cock in me now fuck me i got on top and fucct her within seconds shed cum then sue said i want get on top and started fuckin me and puttin her tits in my face and i stopt suckin on her nips and said iam cumin she said shoot it in me and started movin faster and i cumin shoot in me now we both came and she lay on me 4 a while not sayin a thing then we had adrink and i drove her back we got 2 the bottome her road she said stop it was about 12oclock and she says give us a snog b4 we go in istarted snogin then she went in2 her house then had a phone call mal said sues back now u can pick me up i said id be there in two mins as i was by traffic lights in stratford5 mins later i nockt on door and walkt in mal and sue was sittin on sofa with coffee mal sue said want coffee and when she maid 1 mal said she said she had great night and dont get lookin but shes got no nicks on we had are coffee and mal said we better get goin i said needin toilet b4 we go sue said ill get u that top i said i dident want i came out toilet and sue was there gave me a kiss and put my hand up her skirt and said its yours when i want it then she went in toilet she said bye mal said shed phone sue later as we drove home mal was sayin sue goin 2 fast with that guy i said whys that then mal said sue bent over 2 get the milk out ov fridge and she could see she had no nicks on so shed bin with guy on 1st night out hes gona think shes a tart she said she was tellin her such and she was tellin me i dont realy care he was red hot in bed havent cum so much in ages then malsaid she said but will u see him again as uv come across 1st night she said sue said iam his anytime he wants 2 see me then we got home mal went 2 bed and i had beer and sue text me said weres mal i text her back and said she was in bed and i was havein a beer she text back and said if it was me id be gettin u in bed with me let me no next time u want meet me i no we shouldent but tonight was great and want 2 see u again love sus itext back and said i no we shouldet but i cant wait 2 see u ethere x
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