watchin wife being slut part 2

ill tell u whot happend the rest ov day in brum with my ex wife we came out ov pictures with the 2 guys and they said lets go in the pub on corner we went in pub and they got us a drink and we sat down and said there names were phil and dave seeme realy strange theyed tina had just given them both a blow job and theyed made her cum a few times and we dident even no there names phil said he was 45 i new tina liket him she said hed got realy big cock dave was 60 they were chaten 4 a while tellin tina how sexy she was tuchin her up they said theyed both bin married and wishet there wifes were as horny as tina then phil said do u fancy going 4 a drive we no a brill and iam dieing 2 give u a good fuckin tina smiled and said were we going phil said barr beacon its great dogin place i said whots doggin totaly nave dave said we both have sum fun with your mrs while guys watch and wank tina had a big smile on her face and said lets go then we got 2 there car and dave said u sit in the front tina can come in the back with me as we wear drivin he was snogin tina and havein a feel and as we were pulled up in barr beacon took her top off and said take your skirt off which she did it was 10pm phil flashes his lights a few times and puts the light on inside the car dave undid his rousers and pulled his trousers down tina wen strat 4 his cock and started 2 wank him and within in mins 3guys were round the car lookin in phil said told u mate your mrs can have all the cock she wants tonight and dave grabs the back ov her head and says suck me tina starts suckin him dave says thats it thats fuckin good and opens the car window all 3 guys go 2 open window one guy says hi dave shes hot dave says thats her husband in front dave they started puttin ther hands all over her tina went 2 stop suckin it and dave said said dont stop now uiam cumin and took her by the back ov her head and started fuckin her mouth and said thats it iam cumin swoolow it 1 guy said weve got right dirty slut here turns 2 me and says she loves it as dave shouts thats it oh oh oh oh yes tina lift her hed up andphil said lets go in woods says u can put my coat on tina so the 6 ov us go in woods daves lays blanket on floor and takes coat off tina and lay her on floor and starts eatin her pussy the othere guys hands are all over her she realy cummin ohhohhhooooooh fuckin fuck me phil shoves his cock in realy hard she wankin 2 guys off while philes fuckin her there all sayin thats it give it thecock lovin slut its realy turnin me on them treatin her like a slut the one guy neels down and says iaam cumin and shoots his cum over her hair and face then another guy walks up and says good show whoes the slapper 2 me i said shes my mrs he said can i eat her fanny when they finish wit her i love the tast ov cum out ov fanny i said help yoursef then phil started going faster and u could see he was cumin and he shoots his load up her he gets up and guy jumps stait on top ov her and starts fuckin her within in seconds hes cum inside her and same again he pulls out and another guy fucks her id just watcht 5 guys fuck and cum in my wife she was layi there totaly shaterd naked liein there with her legs wide open with cum leekin out ov her pussy and guy said u finnist fuckin the slag then goes down and starts eatin her pussy shes going ohh000000hh shit and we all stand by her and wank one bye 1 we cum over her tits and face then guy finishes and just walks away then tina gets drest and they give us a lift 2 redditch and as we get out ov car phil gives her is phone number we get in the house and iam rock hard i put my hand up her skirt tina says dont iam realy saw so said suck it then and she gave me great blow job i pulled out and shot my load all over her face
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