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back again tellin u about my ex wife we went shopin in brum it was a nice sunny day i can still remeber whot she was wearin as it turned out 2 be great day she had no bra on black thong denim microw skirt and black low cut top and black stilletoes the skirt was realy short she only had 2 lean over a fraction and u could see her thong any way we got in2 brum and had look round shop guys were lookin her up and down we then went 2 pub 4 a drink not many people in so we started playin pool soon a couple guys put some money on table they were in 20s they were watchin my wife play her shot tina was bendin down more than she needed 2 then she lost and i played pool with 1 ov the guys while tina sat down with othere guy chatin we all sat down and chated they were going 2 football guy got up said got make phone call a couple mins later tina went 2 toilet and about5mins later guy comes back said they had 2 go as football they said say bye 2 tina then tina come back from toilet with a smile on her face i noticet her nips showin more throw her top i said guys said bye she said i said bye 2 steve and flashes a phone his phone number and says he wants me 2 meet him i said bin long time just 4 phone number tina said theyd had snog and hed felt her tits and ars at which poit id got rock hard tina said she was going 2 phone him next day i said lets go i need 2 cum so we left pub and started walkin 2 car when we walkt past cinama id been there on my own be4 it always showed 18 films and guys would be there wankin it waset hard sex i said 2 tina do u want go in she said yes so we paid and went in there was about 8 guys in there we went 2 back and sat down there was 2 guys playin with women on film tina said wish i was her and smiled next thing two guys got up and sat by us tina nudged me and said look they both had there cocks out and guy next 2 had it in her hand and pointed it at her i said he wants u 2 play with it within sec she had her hand round his cock wankin him he put his hand on her leg and put his hand up her skirt they were he lent over and said love shaven pussy your wifes soakin and put his fingers in his mouth and said u tast good he then started 2 feel her tits his mat said something and then he took one ov her tits out and started suckin on her nipple while he was playin with her pussy she was lovin it she dident seem 2 stop cumin time and time again he then said sumthin 2 tina and sat back she went down and started givein him a bj withen mins he was moanin sayin he was cumin and said swollow it dont stop iam cumim yes yes yes that was fuckin good she lifted her head up smiled at me lookin at me wankin i said do me then his mate stood up and went in front ov tina and thurst his cock in her face and she put his cock strit in her mouth he was a lot bigger he grabed hold ov the back ov her head and started face fuckin her she gaged a few times and he put it back in and said 2 me your mrs is good she loves her cock then he shoots his load in her mouth then sits down tina looks at me and said uve cum thourt u was keepin it 4 me and kisst me and put her tong in my mouth i can tast there cum on her tung she then starts talkin 2 guy next 2 her she takes her thong off and givs it 2 him he smells it paces it 2 his mate who smell them and puts the thong in his pocet while guy his wiper in tina ear and finger her she starts 2 cum then says 2 me they want take us 4 drink and then go 4 a drive in his car said he nos great place 4 sum fun and he saidd they realy want 2 fuck me i said if uwant she said yes 2 guy then we all left and went 2 pub down road with 2 be cotinued
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2 years ago
great story